Tuesday, July 3, 2007

There was a little girl, who had a little curl...

Well, Gulliver's back in Lilliput, but I'm generally feeling a bit better about it all, having gone shopping in India and picked up a few things labelled M. (So what if it's only underwear?! At least I'll know that I'm 'M on the inside' :-)

The holiday rocked - more for Moppet than for me, though. But we got back just in time, because I'm sure that if Moppet had stayed even a day longer, both she and I would have been disinherited from the family fortune.

Yes folks, I am sorry to report that she was quite badly behaved. The temper tantrums, the mood swings, the screaming fits - I have never seen her behave like that before. You remember the rhyme about 'the little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead? When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was terrrible!' Well, that's what Moppet's like these days.

One minute she's wowing the family, putting on a performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or shaking her little butt to 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom', and the next minute, some inexplicable slight causes a full blown meltdown, complete with copious waterworks, flailing limbs and high decibel sound effects.

Is there an 'Odious Ones' phase that nobody told me about? Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon, because when she's being Monster Moppet, she's not exactly the world's most lovable tot.

And yet at other times, she's positively delightful. She's made new friends, learnt rhymes and games of a complexity I hadn't realised she was capable of, and talks nineteen to the dozen, although most of it is still undecipherable.

I remember when Moppet was about 3 months old and I was struggling with the overall upside-downness of my life as a new mom, a friend of mine told me to hang in there. It gets easier as they grow older, she assured me.

She was right in a way - some things do get easier. But just when you think you've got it licked, new problems appear. I guess the only thing one can say for sure is that it gets more interesting.

And finally, since Moppet feels that I may have overstated her bad behaviour, she insists that I post pictures of her being a good girl to keep it fair. So here we are:

Having a quiet snack in Ammamma's kitchen

Reading 'Dear Zoo' with Umpa

Superbaby enjoys the outdoors

Umm... remember the girl with the curl?


Asha said...

so, back on track, eh? may be moppet is already preparing for the 'terrible two's. :)

the mad momma said...

its something i notice when i take the brat out of town too.. its the new atmosphere i think... welcome back home

Kodi's Mom said...

aww, look at that cute face! I don't believe you...this li'l one throwing tantrums??
actually, it is that age, I think when they have realized that they can assert themselves...so they do, just to scare mommy.

karmickids said...

Oh God, they never grow out of it. Welcome to tantrum land.... lets hope December is better for both of us...

Sunita said...

Joyce is equally troublesome at times these days.

Just like that said...

She's really too cute with her smiles- with those four toddler teeth peeping out, and in that last pic- with the lips sealing up all the endearing naughtiness, which however jumps out from her eyes! Pls give her a JLT BearHug from me.:-)

Poppins said...

Cute and super cute she looks.. Aww, but they tend to do that in new places, I guess. Poppin has also become quite the rowdy at home, screaming for no reason, and scratching us too ! Ugh.

Just like that said...

My first comment disappeared, so here goes--

Wait till they get into playschool and learn more bad things than good!! evil grin!

And taking a page out of my mother's book, you ain't seen nothing yet, girl!

Am satisfied, now that i've made you throw up your hands in despair.

But seriously, Moppet's one cute grin should be able to melt all hearts around.

~nm said...

I think they try to take advantage of the attention they are getting. My son always behaves so differently when we go out of town to visit his grandparents or just about anybody.

He feels that he can have his way whatever way because of all the attention he gets!

And good to see you happy to know you are 'M' size! I love it when some trousers of 30" waist fit me when actually I'm 32" :P

So I know what pleasure it is to know you are thinner than you are!

Moppet's Mom said...

Asha: Back - yes, on track - not so sure! You think it's The Tooz? This early? HALP!

MM: It's funny - we took her to Bali when she had just turned one, and she was absolutely wonderful. So I don't know...

Kodi's Mom: You don't believe me? Thank your stars you live on the other side of the planet, so I can't send her to stay with you and Kodi for a day as your punishment :-)

Kiran: Just saw your own post today...I think I need to find a shelter for moms tortured by their toddlers!

Sunita: Maybe it is a phase then...

Poppins: You know, that's what gets me the most - when I can't figure out why the tantrum's happening.

JLT: I think I preferred your first comment! :-)

NM: Absolutely! The next time a tiny Thai salesgirl gives me the XL treatment, I'll have my inner 'M' to protect myself! :-)

SUR NOTES said...

lovely pictures.
imagine if we had bumped into one another. were you in IIM? i was at NID.
campus life is so wonderful for kids!!!

Just a grail said...

Welcome home! Ahhhhhhh what I would give to be able to buy and actually WEAR an M. Soon.

Collection Of Stars said...

From my analysis of my daughter's behavior, the more KT understands things, the more she wants things to go her way. If it does not, then she throws a tantrum. I have been experiencing a lot of this recently.

Orchid said...

c'mon give her a break..she knew she was center of attention and its only natural that she make the best of it..but what adorable pictures!

Gauri said...

Oh - children do behave differently around the grandparents - dontcha think ??

Great to note that you guys had a fab holiday.

Moppet looks adorable.

And the tantrum thingy - yeah - sure - it is a phase - that's what I say - just as long as no one asks me how long the "phase" lasts.

Vidhur said...

OMG! She is soooo cute.The 4th picture is adorable, but just loved the one with 'Umpa'. She looks like she is enjoying her 'ultimate pamper zone'(that's what we call the grandparents house :)) And the proud ,adoring grandpa's expression too is priceless!

Itchingtowrite said...

she is a darling!

Moppet's Mom said...

Surabhi: Yes! I guessed as much from your description of the course.

Grail :-)

CoS: Yes, I suppose that's it. Although sometimes a tantrum happens and I can't even figure out why. It's frustrating.

Orchid: I've been trying to show her that charm works far better than turning on the waterworks, but she hasn't quite got it yet! :-)

Gauri: And I was relying on you to tell me when it ends! :-(

Vidhur: Welcome, and thanks!

ITW: Only when she's good - but I think I can live with that! ;-)

timepass said...

I love the last picture where Moppet gives a naughty smile..

Kodi's Mom said...

will gladly accept the punishment :) which flight is she coming on?! ;)

Mom2Miles said...

What an adorable baby! Mine is just a few months younger. I agree with you about the some things get easier, some get harder comment.

Can you tell me how you did your blog's header? It looks great. I can't get mine the right size for some reason: diaryofanewmom.blogspot.com