Monday, June 25, 2007

News from the front

So here we are, home and happy.

The journey was fairly uneventful. Moppet gets 9 on 10 for in-flight behaviour. She would have got a perfect 10 but for her trying to pat the flight attendant on the rump every time she bent down near our seat. To be fair to Moppet, it was certainly an inviting behind. (A simple statement of fact, no reading between the lines, please!) Even so, Moppet's unfortunate lack of self-control in its presence meant that I had to stay alert and grab her arm every time the flight attendant passed by.

But apart from that little lapse, she was quite the model travel tot, and we reached home in overall good shape. She took a little time to settle in, but now she's having a ball, chasing little boys, birds, and cats whenever she sees them.

I know the description makes her sound like a little puppy, but that's exactly the image that comes to mind when I see her trotting around on the lawn, trying to join in the older kids' football game, and generally getting underfoot.

My parents live on a campus (which feels more like a zoo), and Moppet and I have already spotted from close range, an elephant, a camel, a couple of monkeys, and most memorably, a peacock and 4 peahens taking a leisurely stroll through our back lawn. I wish I had a picture of her wide-eyed, open-mouthed reaction to these creatures - it's a classic cartoon face!

On one of her morning walks with her grandpa, they saw a chameleon, and she's learnt to mimic its curious neck movement. On being asked, "How does the chameleon go?", she does this funny goggle-eyed head bob.

So now I have the ultimate answer to all those odious comparisons and well-meaning (?) milestone questions.

My baby can go like a chameleon. Ha! Top that if you can!

Leaving you with some pictures of my chameleon child in action.


utbt said...

You have loads and loads of fun! Moppet looks so cute in the pictures.

Patting the hostess's behind-eh?! My elder one is in to mimicking spitting and the younger one is in to biting. (Not that they have practised it on anyone's front, behind, side, top or bottom.) So patting is okay I guess.

B o o said...

Todays activity:
Teach Ashu head bobbing like a chameleon! :)
Have fun girl!

Collection Of Stars said...

Moppet sure looks happy :) and you both seem to be having a wonderful time. Have fun!

Asha said...


you've got a new visitor! :)

moppet's pics are simply cute... enjoy your days at home.

Kodi's Mom said...

oh the water! (in pic #3) she'll go ballistic with all the water, I bet...
your parents' home sounds heavenly! enjoy!

Gauri said...

Glad that you guys reached home safe and sound and that you reached home sanity intact :-)
Talk about patting behinds :-) In fact, even now in the mall while walking by Abhay has this habit of randomly patting ladies' legs !!! Can u believe that ? Trust me, one of these days, I get beaten up, you guys know whom to thank !!

Moppet sure looks like she's having loads of fun, just as lil children are supposed to.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays :-)

karmickids said...

The brat pinches. Can you believe it. The husband use to refuse to carry him in a crowded place after getting many dirty looks from affronted women.
So, hope to see you soon...

Sunita said...

You seem to be having fun. And where is this place in bombay that sounds like a zoo :)

Just like that said...

Chameleon Moppet looks like she's having the time of her life. elephants, camels, monkeys, peacocks- where DO you live? Sounds idyllic.
LOL at the pat on the rump! Moppet obviously believes that a thing of beauty is a joy forever- no matter what it is! Hope the attendant was flattered...?

~nm said...

Great pics and they surely show that moppet is having a GREAT time!

The house looks to beautiful and so spacious!

Keep writing in!

Poppins said...

LOL at the patting the behind bit. And moppet looks so so cute ! Missed your posts.

How long are you in India?

Moppet's Mom said...

Utbt, Gauri, Kiran: I'm so glad to hear about your brats! I was getting a bit worried about my tiny pervert! :-)

Boo: Nooo... that was supposed to be my trump card!

Asha: Welcome, and thanks for your wishes.

CoS, K's Mom, JLT, NM: Thanks, yes Moppet's certainly enjoying herself. Except when it rains and when she's sleeping, she spends practically all her time outdoors.

Sunita: God knows all of Bombay's a zoo, but that's not where I'm at right now! :-) It's my in-laws who live in Bombay, and I'm getting there this weekend.

Poppins: Sadly, I've just a week left... heading back on Monday next.

itchingtowrite said...

wowo. she ha da good time!! LOL on her trying to pat the air hostess

upsilamba said...

How I wish I could rent that home on campus for a weekend!

Moppet and my lil one are about the same age..

I loved her pic near the tap with the tongue twisted.

Mom and daughter having a blast!

Tharini said...

So sweet! She looks like she's in 7th heaven. Enjoyedyour puppy dog description of her. love her two little bunny teeth at the bottom.

Congratulations to little Moppet on the chameo act. :)

the mad momma said...

great.. now the OA will want to rent your daughter. he anyway calls the babies chick magnets because women always come up to talk to him when he is carrying them. but a butt patter is just what he needs now!

iz said...

you live in Thailand? I think I will die of jealousy.

Just a grail said...

Patting is OK, my nephew once BIT a waitress on the behind. NOT so good!

Looks like you are having a great time!

The HOPE House said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog. Bumped in from Amit Agarwal's site.

Suki said...

Moppet is so adorably cute!!!

Good luck with your baby chameleon, hope she doesn't pat one behind too many! :P

Moppet's Mom said...

Wow! Lots of new visitors! Welcome Upsilamba, Iz, The hope house, and Suki!

MM - Please tell the OA he's got a deal! I can do with a break from Moppet right now.

Grail - long time! Nice to see you around. And you're right, compared to your story, I guess I can live with the butt patting! :-)

ITW, Tharini - Yup, Moppet certainly had a whale of a time - I, on the other hand, now need to take another holiday to recover from this one! :-)