Friday, July 27, 2007

It's that time of the month again

You know, when the Toys R Us mailer arrives and Moppet's Papa has to take away my keys and ATM card so that I don't go and blow Moppet's college education fund at the store.

"But it's a one-time only deal!" I wail, attempting to appeal to his cheap side. "We'll save at least 500 Bt!"

No effect.

"They're educational toys!" I try again, "AND we get a Wet Head cap free! Moppet needs a Wet Head cap!"

Still nothing. In desperation, I turn to Moppet for help.

"Moppet, tell Papa, sweetie. How will you develop your cognitive abilities and motor skills, understand cause and effect, learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, and shapes, sing rhymes in English and French, appreciate classical music, and learn to identify constellations if you do not have the Learn n Groove Musical Table, and the Bilingual Talking Video Phone, and the Fun2Learn Laughtop?"

Moppet looks up at me from the floor. She is stuffing her arm through an old cardboard box and laughing in delight as her fingers pop out through the other side. She picks up a plastic block and waves it at me.

"Tar!" she says.

The madness passes.

"Yes, that's a star, Moppet," I reply. "And so are you. Shall we go and read Little Star's Wish?"

Now that we've dispensed with my silliness, please read what the good folks at Wharton have to say about this. Thanks for the link, Dad!


Poppins said...

Well, you know I read that title and I thought, now we're having our periods together too ! lol:)

It's really tempting to buy all those toys for the kids esp if you think that they might actually play with it for longer than 5 minutes (gasp !) so maybe we can um..have a bath ?

Just Like That said...

Lol @ Poppins comment.

Mastercard hit on it long back. The merits of the cardboard box!Maybe if they want another version of that ad, Moppet could apply?

Something to Say said...

Poppins - me too!! LOL I thot moppets mom and I cud share some agonies together...
I havent read the entire article - but yes, I have seen a CNN report on the same - with the same recommendations. In fact the baby einstein company in it press release says "the products may aid brain development" May - not will or can...may! And as a mother to a 2 year old - I know pots and pans with big spoons and small forks seem to hold his attention better than the musical table and the rest of the stuff.

Smitha said... moppet for her old cardboard box...cant think of anything better....:-D....

yeah so many of these funky educational toys...and absolutely no use. I've bought some toys for my neice/nephew and well...the way the toys are used, with their bright imaginations :-D...its in all ways other than its meant to be

I'd say give them a piece of paper and some crayons...they will have a great time...No, you wont see a drawing on paper but would rather have to put up with scrubbing off the crayon art from the walls and vaccuuming the torn paper spread out all over the home...he he

Kodi's Mom said...

excellent post and phrased in true Moppet'sMom-style! yes, those annoying electronic gizmos need to be banned!

speaking of cardboard boxes, ST had a nice review recently..

Moppet's Mom said...

Poppins, STS: I know that women who live together often get on the same cycle, but women who blog together?!

The funny thing about this educational toy business is that despite the fact that I'm aware it's just marketing spiel, I still feel like I want to buy up the shop . Next time I'll have to channel the good profs at Wharton to ward off the temptation!

JLT: Oh no, she's being sent to audition for the part of young You Know Who! ;-)

Kodi's Mom: Absolutely - overpriced, questionable value, and too much temptation for both toddler and mom!

Smitha: Tell me about it!

Although I should clarify that I'm not anti-toys at all - Moppet has plenty of toys and they're mostly put to good use (except the odd one which gets flushed away!).

I just hate the fact that toy-makers make us feel like we might be holding back our children from becoming geniuses if we don't buy their overpriced toys.

~nm said...

Hehehe...I actually went to a store on sale today while DH was away for some work. :P And in 15 mins I spent 850 bucks :P

Well, not all were for Betu. Some were for his cousins. SInce I was getting some good stuff on sale with flat 50% off, I couldnt resist :D

karmickids said...

How I relate to this, I spend half my savings on educational toys and the brat only plays with cars and guns and the cardboard cartoons the above mentioned educational toys come in....
Am sensible now, and only give him household utensils and cardboard cartons... he gets enough educational toys as gifts from doting buas and other relatives...