Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moppet speaks her mind

Mama's being a big crank today, and she says it's all because of me. I think it's quite unfair of her, so I'm going present my case here and ask all you nice folks what you think.

It all began this morning when I woke up feeling fresh and rested at around 3 am (why is that not ok, btw?) and climbed onto Mama's bed for a nice chat. She was NOT happy to see me, and kept trying to put me back onto my mattress, although I kept telling her I wanted to talk. I had to get rather loud - she just wouldn't listen!

She finally gave in (most ungraciously, I might add) and let me lie down between her and Papa. I was happy that I'd finally got through to her, but when I started up a conversation she shushed me rudely.

Well! It looked like Mama Grouchy Pants could do with a bit of cheering up. So I thought I'd list her facial features and give her the old aai - noo - maau routine. It's generally quite a hit number around here. Brings in a lot of applause.

It was still dark, so I may have (wholly unintentionally, I assure you) kicked and poked her in some sensitive areas before I could locate her face. Hey, granted I'm pretty special in a lot of ways, but even I can't see in the dark. Why get so mad about that?

So here I was, lovingly pointing out (read into) her eyes, nose, and mouth, and she swats away my hands with a groggy, "Go to sleep, child"

Sigh! Where's the love, I ask you?

Then I tried tickling her on her tummy. "Gilli-gilli?" I said, in my most hopeful tone. "Mmpfha," she said. (And she wonders why I don't speak clearly yet!) I continued this tack for a few minutes, but got ignored the whole time. Clearly this was not working.

Hmm...maybe the pinching game would work better. This is where I pinch her and also yell 'AAARGH' at the same time. She usually responds with an 'AAARGH' of her own. Yeah, it's a great game, as much fun as it sounds like.

Would you believe it didn't work? I couldn't either! I mean, she said 'AAARGH', but it was an angry one, not a funny one. She held my hands tightly together and said, "Lie down quietly, NOW! No talking, no games. Sleep, ok?"

Hummph, killjoy!

Anyway, we matched wits for over an hour, and then I fell asleep in my favorite position where I wrap my arms around her arm and throw a leg over it for good measure. As I fell asleep I heard her muttering something about how at least her arm would get some sleep if not the rest of her...

So tell me people, what's the big deal? It certainly doesn't warrant being mean to poor Papa (who didn't know a thing and slept like a log) later in the morning and accusing him of being a quilt hog. I'm totally on his side on this one. He's much bigger than her; of course he needs more quilt. Calling him a quilted katthi roll is a new low, even for Mama!


SUR NOTES said...

ok, first, i am stealing the quilted kathi roll line.
and second your mum is just mean that she doesnt like games at three in the morning.
we are with you litle one!

Kodi's Mom said...

Dear Moppet, I hear you, pal. Would you believe it if I said I did the same routine last week? Except it was at 4am and I got the same 'shush', 'quiet', nearly a 'shut up' too! I tell you, these moms! they can be so callous. So next time you're up at 3, give me a call ok? We can swap Momma-horror stories.
With love and understanding,

Tharini said...

What a darling post! From a darling doll. She's precious I tell you!

I totally enjoyed how effortlessly and humourously you made this post was reallllly delightful. Envious of this ability of yours.

~nm said...

Hahahahaha..I don't know who to rave about ..moppet or you for writing it out so good! :D

Swati said...


BTW..I am on your side Moppet :)
When she can play at all times and talk , why not at 3 am..??

noon said...

Awesome Moppet - you speak your mind so well - loved it! A simple slice of early morning drama between you and mamma and you have written about it like a lovely little story! Enjoyed it! And yes, continue to show your love to mamma at 3.00am everyday! Baby girl here does, so why not you! I will cheer for you Moppet! :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Aww.. dear Moppet!all these mamas are such killjoys. I'm with you all the way. I have unceremoniously been dumped onto bed too and expected to go back to sleep between a snoring dad and a boring irritated mama at times when I'm up and in the mood for a nice cozy chat at 3 or 4 am. I say all of them are a bunch of lazybones.I feel your pain buddy!

Just a grail said...

Oh Moppet, poor baby girl. Just looking for fun and adventure in the early morning. Cranky mama indeed! :-)

Moppet said...

Surabhi, Swati, Noon, Grail: It's nice to finally meet some adults who know what they're talking about! Now which one of you volunteers to knock some sense into Mama?

Kodi, Ina: Thank you guys! You know what the problem with moms is? They're too OLD!

Tharini: Thank you! Mama says that is high praise coming from you.

NM: It's all me. Do rave some more - I like it!

Poppins said...

Ok so this is the reason behind the mishtooks your mom is making Moppet? LOL !

Just Like That said...

LOLZ @ fresh and rested at 3 am

LOL @ Mama Grouchy Pants' Mmpfha

ROTFL @ arm getting sleep, if not rest of her

ROTFLMAO @ quilted Katthi Roll!

Moppet, your Mom and you are too comical for words. But anyway, forgive the poor dear her crankiness. After all, even Mommas cannot be expected to be sunny natured all the time, even if they have Katthi rolls sleeping with them!

Collection Of Stars said...

:) That was funny. And Moppet, it's notjust your mom who can be man at 3:00 am ;)

the mad momma said...

Dear Moppet,
Perhaps you should move to Delhi. The Bean and I make it a point to alternately wake up and converse with each other or the parents. It's not really encouraged around here either, but atleast we gang up against the parents. Sometimes the conversation gets loud enough to rouse the two fat old fogies. the more the merrier... since they've already got two, i am sure they won't mind another one, specially if she is as adorable as you.
the brat.

Shyam said...

haha... that was funny! :)

Smitha said...

ohh this is soo cute....Moppet trying all the tricks to get to you to play...bad mama.... :-)

you really tell it good MM...:-)

Terri said...

If you're taking votes, I vote for moppet starting her own blog. She's hilarious!

Moppet said...

Poppins: Yeah, she's big on blaming me for everything! I should tell you though that she makes plenty of mishtooks even when she's had a good night's sleep.

JLT: Oh you have no idea what a fusspot Mama can be! Still, I'll be the bigger person this time and forgive her.

CoS: Umm, as far as I know Mama's not a man. Not even at 3 am!

The Brat: Oh I would LOVE to move to delhi. I've asked Mama and she laughed hysterically and said 'most certainly'. Then she laughed some more. She's crazy, I tell ya!

Shyam, Smitha: Thank you :-)

Terri: Thank you, thank you. Maybe I will some day. I always did think dogs were smarter than adult humans.

utbtkids said...

This is hilarious!

Moppet, I have been in your mom's shoes and sorry darling, I support your mom 100%

Squiggles Mom said...

dear moppet - give mummy a big sloppy kiss and she will be fine.

moppet's mom - you have it easier than me at the moment so i am not going to sympathise ::)

i loved your post.

Something to Say said...

dear moppet,
All these moms are the same - they just keep getting worse. I vote we start our own blogs to tell our side of the story too. After telling me a 100 times a day - say something honey - when I finally have something to say - she roars and pushes me off her belly. Where is the so-called ma ka pyaar???
still sulking,

Moppet said...

Utbtkids: Mama's thrilled that finally someone's on her side. But since she's been outvoted by a zillion to one on this post, it's clear that I'm in the right on this one.

Squiggles Mom: Oh, we kissed and made up not long after. Squiggles feeling better now?

Sonny: Tell me about it!

Poornima said...

Loved this post.... one of the best I'd say.... :-))

The Inquisitive Akka said...

That was hilarious moppet! Totally cheered me up :) Oh please do it again! :)

namvor said...

verry cute!