Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moppet takes a trip

It seemed like just another normal Sunday morning - until Moppet wandered into her room and saw her diaper bag being packed.

"Baaa!" she squealed in delight. She knows the appearance of this bag always heralds a new adventure. "Bye!" she said happily, waving and blowing kisses to everyone. Then dragging the bag behind her, she toddled off towards the front door. Let the adventure begin!

Having already set off, she did not appreciate being stopped and whisked away for a bath and breakfast. Despite her vigorous protests, we all managed to get ready and one chaotic hour later, we were set to go.

Our destination was Safari World, an open air zoo and marine park on the outskirts of Bangkok. Moppet's Papa had his maps spread out on the front passenger seat, and I was in the back with all the equipment required for my role as Moppet's car jester.

It didn't begin well. We got lost and had to take a huge detour to get back on track. Moppet's Papa got in a bad mood. My attempts to help with the map made it worse. Moppet started screaming to be let out of her car seat. And to top things off, it started to rain. We were literally one tantrum away from turning back and going home. But we finally found the turn-off, and as if in celebration, the sun came out of hiding as well. The light shower had a pleasant, refreshing effect, and all was well in our world again.

Once we reached the park, Moppet was released from her car seat and we went up front to be able to see better. It is a 7 km drive through the park, and has a variety of animals and birds. It was wonderful. We could get quite close to the animals, who were obviously used to being gawked at by humans, and were going about their business as usual. Moppet went crazy, bouncing between her Papa and me, and yelling out 'kaa' to all the birds, and 'dah' to the animals.

After the ride, we wandered through the marine park, grabbed some lunch and then headed to the dolphin show. Moppet had almost fallen asleep in her stroller, but perked up as soon as she heard the music that was being played to entertain the crowd waiting for the show to begin. It was our very own Himesh Reshammiya's 'Jhalak dikhlaaja'. I swear, the man is becoming a global menace!
Anyway, there was a bunch of desi guys swinging wildly to the music, and the crowd was egging them on, much to the bemusement of assorted Japanese and Korean tourists who were sitting around us.

The show was lovely, and Moppet cheered and clapped along with the crowd, and varied it a bit by occasionally poking the lady sitting in front of us.

There was plenty more to do, but we were all pooped. Moppet, literally. So I changed her in Thailand's Best Public Restroom. No, really! There was actually a sign outside that said that. I wonder if there is a Thai Office In-charge-of Lavatory Excellence Testing that certifies these places?

We left the cool confines of Thailand's Best Public Restroom all cleaned up, but really tired. And sure enough, within 5 minutes of hitting the road, Moppet was fast asleep in her car seat. With a smile on her face.


Just Like That said...

:-) Ah ... how different from my Sunday!
Would have been envious, but how to grudge dear little Moppet some huge fun?

timepass said...

Looks like Moppet had a nice trip especially on reading about poking the lady in front of her. Funny thing about T.O.I.L.E.T

Sue said...

I wanna go onna trip... waaahh waaaah... I wanna go on a trip with my baaa.

And no meanie Bhablet and his meanier father. They are currently playing with the pan of his little potty. How disgusting!

Poppins said...

Oh what a nice trip !! And a coincidence that we went on a safari too in the biological park this Saturday :) I love your anagram for the toilet - so was it the best bathroom? Did you figure out why it was called that way?

And what's with HR? Man, is he popular in Thailand? Wow ! I am impressed much against my will.

Moppet's Mom said...

JLT: I know, I read all about it. Poor you!

Timepass: Oh yes, she had a blast!

Sue: LOL! You could go, but you'd miss them terribly, wouldn't you?

Poppins: Well, it was certainly a nice one - done up in jungle style with bamboo and orchids in it - but I don't know if it was the best, not having seen all the public restrooms in Thailand :-)

And HR, I don't know - maybe it's a virus! :-)

Fuzzylogic said...

HR is truly a global menace. I can't imagine how the poor dolphins put up a show for that nose singer's tune.This ought to be another form of animal cruelty!!
LOL about the TOILET! But looks like little Moppet enjoyed herself. Loved the pics with the captions:)

anja said...

Seems like Moppet had a grand time, animals and flying dolphins! Wow..I can just imagine her conking out in the car after all that stimulation..we feel so proud when Thumki falls asleep with no fuss after an excursion..we finally get to sit in the front together like a real couple=)

DotMom said...

that was a fun day :)

Sue said...

No I wouldn't. I'm trying to trade in The Bhablet for a newer, quieter, cleaner model. Preferably BSII compliant.

V won't let me. Meanie.

noon said...

Wow - good you made it and didn't turn back. Wow she enjoyed the Dolphin show - that's great - I have not yet taken kutti boy to the Dolphin show here - am inspired to do so after seeing this. I took him to the zoo which he enjoyed very much. Now have to pack both kids and go to the Dolphin show some day...

~nm said...

Wow! I've heard such good things about this Safari park from my in-laws who visited about 1.5 yrs ago and DH who had a oen day stopover on his work tour.

He got this cute little t-shirt for Anirudh which had a stuffed elephant stitched over it!

Good to know Moppet had fun!

Moppet's Mom said...

Fuzzy: Luckily, the dolphins didn't have to put up with it. It was just being played to entertain the crowds before the show began :-)

Anja: I know! After she fell asleep, I hopped out of the car at the expressway toll booth to get in front again. Felt so good!

Dotmom: Yes it was! Welcome here!

Sue: I'd offer to exchange Moppet for The Bhablet, but I would probably be getting the better deal as far as a cleaner, quieter baby goes :-)

Noon: Oh she really loved it, and I'm sure kutti boy will too. Do take him!

NM: Yes, it's a fun place - and we really only covered about half of it.

Swati said...

WOW ..I am also planning to take Aryan to a NAtional park but I am worried about the hygine.Someone told me about animal virus can cause infections to small kids.

Something to Say said...

lovely pics...looks like u guys had a great time.....

Gauri said...

Wow !! Looks like you guys had a fun day and Moppet well and truly enjoyed herself :-)

And I agree with you when you say HR seems to be some sort of a virus - gawd - he sure looks like one !! Thank the Lord they did not subject the dolphins to one of his numbers. As if the human guinea pigs weren't enuff.

And nice anagram :-)

Smitha said...

lol....what are the odds..Himesh Reshammiya at a dolphin show..in Hong Kong....and the TOILET was hilarious... Nice that Moppet had a good time... :-)

Moppet's Mom said...

Swati: I don't know. But you wouldn't really be in close contact with the animals, so I don't suppose it would really be dangerous.

STS, Gauri: Thanks, yes we did. This was one outing which the whole family enjoyed equally, I think.

Smitha: In Bangkok, actually, but it was still weird to hear.