Friday, July 20, 2007


The Mad Momma is on the warpath - determined to out all the closet judges in the blogosphere.

Well, she got me!

Some introspection was needed for this post - to discriminate between things I don't like (which are many), things I have strong opinions about (also many), and things I am judgmental about (which I thought were few).

I genuinely do believe in the each-to-his-own philosophy. I may not agree with or like your thinking and way of life, but I respect that it's your choice. I am also not a black and white person - I can usually see greys in everything. Given all this, I really did think I could call myself non-judgmental and mean it.

But having looked it up, I find that being judgmental means making a personal or moral assumption about a person on the basis of some action or characteristic. By that definition, my non-judgmental cover is completely blown.

So here's my list. I judge:
  • Educated people who mix up words like 'your' and 'you're' or 'they're' and 'their' when they write. It would be different if they didn't know any better. But they do, and I assume it's because they're lazy and sloppy.

  • People who write in sms mode - datz d ting i h8 d most. If you don't have the time to write to me in readable English, I'm sorry, I don't have the time to decode whatever it is you've written.

  • Smokers of all denominations.

  • Women whose only conversations are about what they made for breakfast and lunch, and what they're planning to make for dinner. I make unflattering though quite possibly mistaken assumptions about their intelligence.

  • People who wear clothes that scream designer. This is an irrational one, but I just think they're shallow.

  • People who think that mass mailing random forwards once in a while qualifies as staying in touch. I assume they are less than genuine (the people, not the forwards!). If any of my friends are reading this, of course I don't mean YOU, sweetie :-)

  • Hypocrites (Um, what's that? The point above? I don't know what you're talking about!)

  • People who take themselves too seriously. I immediately assume that they're not as good as they say they are. Which may be wrong, but hey, that's why it's judgmental.
This is not a complete list by any means. And not all judgement is negative either. But since those are more fun, I'll stop right here.

This is an open tag. Go ahead, judge all you want.


noon said...

You don't come across as a judgemental person at all! But of course no one can be completely non judgemental...Am with you totally on 3,5,6,8. 7 too - except I feel guilty of it too myself because there are so many things I think others should be but I am not able to practise myself...

Just Like That said...

oh oh oh Am with you on those breakfast,lunch, dinner types.

and yeah, i h8 thoz types 2!

Poppins said...

I think you hit the nail with your definition of judgemental.. I am also seeing more lists with things that people feel strongly about rather than merely judgemental.

Am with you on the SMS/IM lingo, forwards and Recipe-moms :) Gawd I hate those women who gather around at a lunch/dinner and discuss recipes all night long. Jeez, can we talk about anything else?

It might just be jealousy though, since I can't cook very well :)

B o o said...

This post reminded me of this "friend" who, whenever she calls me or comes home, asks me "Sow hat are you going to make for dinner"? Its 10 AM for Gods sake, I have nt even decided on lunch yet! And she asks me EVERY time and eagerly expects an answer too. And if I just mutter something out of my head like "Upma or something", she asks me how I make it. "Tell me from Step 1, so you heat oil, then?" OH. MY. GOD. Though I did nt judge her or anything, it sure annoyed the hell out of me and I was afraid to pick up the phone sometimes!

Sue said...

In school we had a bunch of girls who were caught discussing the best way to make dosa pindi (batter). We, the 'cool' girls called them (and still call them) the "dosa pindi girls"... I think you are referring to their adult versions here.

Shyam said...

Oh wow, I should have made the distinction between dislikes, opinions and judgments when I did MY tag... because I'm in love with your judgments! :) Can I add one more? People who eat sloppily, chewing with their mouths open or getting food all the way up their hand to their wrists. Cant help judging them as uncouth, even if some of them are my older-generation relatives...

Vidhur said...

Hi Moppet's mom,
That mass mailing thing, gets my goat...especially, "send it to so many people or else"...those are really irritating.

The last post was too good :)I admire ur ability, to see it so clearly, from her point of view and with so much humour :)) Little moppet has a super-mom!

Mystic Margarita said...

Loved your last two posts, Moppet's Mom. But then, you always write beautifully. Took up the writing tag at last. :)

noon said...

Wow - so many people don't like the recipe discussing types! I don't feel anything against them - I enjoy getting recipies from those types of people - they are good at cooking probably and enjoy it a lot I guess. I hate every day cooking but if I go to someone's place and have some tasty dish I would love to get the recipe and also pass it on to my sis/close friend. Oh MM - don't hate me now! :)

Moppet's Mom said...

Noon: You obviously haven't met the sort of women I'm talking about. Cooking is ALL they talk about!

JLT: Hear, hear!

Poppins: Loved your list too. Typically you :-)

Boo: Exactly! I have a neighbour who's just like that. She'll call me and her first question is 'So what's for lunch?' AAAARGH!

Sue: LOL! That's the perfect name for them1 Dosa pindi aunties!

Shyam: Welcome! I'll hop over to check out your list in a bit. And oh yes, folks who get food all the way down to their wrists and then lick it off too...!

Vidhur: You are too kind! Thank you.

Mystic: Thank you. I Loved your list. I really do wish you would post more often :-)

Orchid said...

:) totally with you on the sms lingo....god that has got to be the most annoying thing since sms itself!!
good list!
oh yes and smiling at the previous post from moppet too :)

karmickids said...

Designer clothes and mass mailing. Plead guilty to.