Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're back!

...from the Island of a Thousand Gods.

All too soon, for my liking...we had the most wonderful time.

Bali was like being in a Chinese version of my home state of Kerala. The hot and humid breeze, the palm trees, the banana trees, the gorgeous green paddy fields, the narrow winding roads, all felt vaguely familiar and homely. But dotting the familiar (to me) landscape were these little houses and temples with their pointy red chinese roofs, huge oriental statues, and intricate stone and wood carving that turned the whole island into an exotic wonderland.

The fantastic setting aside, I think what made the holiday really special was that for the first time, it was just the 3 of us, being together without the routine distractions of life and work. Moppet enjoyed herself tremendously and was absolutely fabulous about all the travel, the long drives, the unfamiliar food, and the complete wrecking of her normal routine.

Since she has proven beyond doubt that she is a fun travel companion, she and I have decided that we're going to tag along with Moppet's Papa to whichever exotic location his work takes him. (Ha! No more excuses, Papa!)

More on the vacation once he gets back from Bali (he had to stay on for a conference) with the camera and the pictures.

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