Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Resistance is futile

An unguarded bucket of dirty water with a mop handle sticking out of it. A clarion call to a one-year old mischief maker.

She grabs the mop handle and rattles it, producing a loud clatter against the wall, and some gurgling sounds from the bucket. Rattle, clatter, swish, glug.

The sound effects are satisfactory, but what she really wants is to touch the water. She knows she shouldn't. Several weeks of being told 'No!' whenever she tries to stick her hand in the toilet bowl, or fish her dirty nappies out of the bucket they're soaked in have obviously had some effect.

She looks up - no maid, no mommy - she doesn't see me watching her from the study.

Her hand steals out...then stops. She shakes her head, and gives the mop handle another good shake, as if to take her mind off that lovely, swirling water that she shouldn't touch.

But her hand has a life of its own and out it comes again. She stops herself a couple of times more, shaking her head each time.

Finally, the temptation is too strong to resist - in goes the hand and merry splashing ensues.


I was so proud that she had at least tried to resist before getting into mischief (that too when she thought no one was watching) that I let her splash around in the bucket until she showed signs of trying to drink the water...which was about 5 seconds after the splashing began anyway!


@ said...

poor Moppet - I can imagine the turmoil in her - guilt vs temptation! :)
your description was so lively that I felt like I was watching her on a big brother cam !

karmickids said...

What an adorable sweetie brat would have dived in headfirst regardless whether disciplining authorities were around or not....