Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tell me what I need to hear

Moppet, where's DuDu Bear?
Excited baby runs to the sofa where DuDu Bear is resting his furry butt and points.

Yay! Now tell me, where's Poochie?
Poochie is lifted up by one floppy blue ear and waved about.

Well done, baby! Ok, now where are the masks?
Genius baby turns to the living room wall on which hang our Indonesian tribal masks and points.

Clever girl! Now, Moppet, where's Mama?
Big eyes turn to me with a blank look.

Baby, where's Mama?
Little face scrunches up. What is this 'Mama' thing?

C'mon, sweetie - MAMA, MAMA...WHERE'S MAMA?
Baby has had enough. This game's not fun anymore. Little back is turned and new adventures sought.


Ok, so this episode has been dramatised a bit. But it is the sad truth. Moppet can identify so many things around the house, but ask her where Mama is, and she just doesn't know! :-(


Poppins said...

Hey Hey Hey, that happened to me too.. For a long time, all poppin would say is Dada and refuse to call me or refer to me.

When she turned around 14 months, she started to say Mummy and now she won't stop. Infact she has so many variations to it, Mumm, Mummy, Mamma, and now Mammany
Just you wait :-)

Tharini said...

Oh your day of fun in the sun will come and how. Just you wait!!

karmickids said...

Dont you worry, there will come a day when she will sniff momma down like a killer dog, just when you've got her all busy with something and you've started painting your toe nails red....