Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Moppet's first vacation

Me: Moppet, we're going to Bali! For 4 days! Yay!
Moppet: (scrabbling about on the floor, dissecting a book called Purple Spotted Oranges) Deh duh!*

Ok, so Moppet's a well-travelled baby, and is apparently not so excited about this trip. And let's be fair, purple spotted oranges are way cooler than Bali! But this is my first holiday in 3 years, and I'm SO ready for it.

The only thing is, it's also my first holiday with Moppet, and I don't know how ready I am for that! Sure, I've travelled with her before - in India and out, on trains and planes, with and without help - but this is the first time that the end of the journey is a hotel room and not a home.

Would love to hear from moms and dads who've holidayed with their toddlers and lived to tell the tale! :-)


Something to Say said...

hey moppets mom. My first time here. My 2 cents on traveling with a toddler is this - first put together all the stuff you think she will need (and remember the thing, you think she wont need, thats what she's going to want) - once her stuff is together - you will find there's place just enough for 1 pair of cargos/jeans and a couple of T-shirts for you :)
ooo carry her toys - kids somehow miss their toys the most.

B o o said...

I am traveling with mine for the first time during Easter and already in panic mode! Lets swap stories if we live to tell the tale! :)
By the way, I have linked you here: indianmommies.blogspot.com.
Hope thats alright!

@ said...

hmm, I don't know...after K became an official toddler, I traveled with him on a 4 hr flight - for a 3 day trip - somehow never blogged abt it - anyway, it wasn't too bad. he was so distracted and thrilled with everything outside that he forgot to give us any trouble ... that is, till we landed back home :)

Moppet's Mom said...

Thanks, STS - I've taken your advice and have packed the biggest suitcase in the world!

Boo - good luck with your trip! Here's to getting back from our holidays with our sanity (such as it is) intact!

@ - I sure hope Moppet follows in K's footsteps on this trip.