Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My girl

I'm big on planning. I'm always planning - my day, stuff to do on the weekend, my next holiday, my life. The fact that nothing, NOTHING, in my 28 years of life has gone according to 'plan' doesn't bother me. I'm a plan-o-maton. It's what I do.

So when I found out that I was pregnant (totally not according to plan!), after the initial hysterics, I went right back to planning.

I planned to have the perfect little girl. She was going to be beautiful, gentle, sweet, and quiet. I would wander through baby sections in stores and plan her wardrobe - full of lovely frocks and pretty matching bonnets.


Little did I know that at that very moment, The Big Guy was rummaging around in the back of His cupboard looking for that rare blueprint of the Ungirliest-Girl-in-the-History-of-the-World.

And so she arrived (by C-section, thumbing her little nose at my plans for a normal delivery), my perfect little girl. She, of the gentle ways and quiet nature.

Double Ha! Is that a chuckle I hear from up there, Big Guy?

This then, is my girl:

My girl, who is happiest running around in her baniyan-chaddi, who mopes and sulks when I put her in a dress.

My girl, whose favourite game is football, accompanied by yells of the most bloodcurdling variety.

My girl, who dives into a room full of toys, dolls, and stuffed animals, and finds the one thing that she will play with for the rest of the evening - a little white racing car.

My girl, whose favourite pastime is to (try to) lift things that are bigger than her, heavier than her, or both.

My girl, who will go the distance to join in a fight.

This then, is my girl.

And I'll let you in on a little secret - she's perfect!


Poppins said...

Way to go moppet ! What a lovely post. And I'm a big planner too (though I've somewhat stopped after having poppin and am much the happier for it :)

Orchid said... have a way of keeping me coming back for more :)
and aren't you glad "HE" always plans otherwise even without you realising they are what you need :0
For the record, I plan too but I hate it is all rather chaotic :)

Just a grail said...

She sounds perfect!!

Moppet's Mom said...

Poppins: Yeah, that's probably the sensible thing to do, but I think this planning bug is hardwired into my brain :-)

Orchid: Yeah, I'm a bit slow in these matters, but every once in a while it comes to me that it was exactly the thing that I thought I didn't want that was PERFECT for me :-)

Grail: Thanks! Nice of you to stop by.

SM said...

Great post Moppet's mom! And Moppet sounds just perfect!
I am the exact opposite, I never plan. Never have. Just go with the flow. And surprisingly,everything's turned out okay so far. There, now that i've said it, I am sure the big guy out there is going Pfttt!!!

Rohini said...

Yup, when will we ever learn. I planned to have a quiet, sweet gentle daughter to dress up too - and look where that got me!

Moppet's Mom said...

SM: Going with the flow - that's the smart way to do it. Planning is a waste of energy, but will someone please drill that into my dodo head?!

Rohini: Well, there's always next time! I've already started planning. Just don't tell Moppet's Papa.. :-))

doorva said...

Sounds like the daughter of my dreams... I would love to have a tom boy for a daughter !

I keep telling Abhi that I do not want a girl...what if she turns out to be a 'delicate' 'girly' kid!
And he shuts me up by saying "what if your son turns out to be the 'delicate' 'girly' kind!!:-)

karmickids said...

Ha, sounds just like the daughter I'd love...want to trade?

Sunita said...

So cute!! I actually loved her anecdote of going long to join a fight LOL!!

Trishna said...

awww.. soo sweet :)
i loved ur posts too :) lotsa love to lil moppet!
I know mine is gonna b a tomboy for sure!! but then again.. now that the big guy has heard this.. may be not! hehehe

Moppet's Mom said...
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Moppet's Mom said...

Doorva: It's obvious Abhi's the smart one in the family! ;-)

Kiran: I would, except your brat is hardly the sweet quiet gentle type either, is he now? :-)

Sunita: Thanks!

Trishna: Thanks and welcome here! Tomboy or not, I'm sure baby SS is perfect.

Anonymous said...

hi moppet's mom.. the last time i read this post, i was smiling big time.. i read it again today and ended up smiling once again..
your post got me a little worried too...i am huge on planning myself..lets see what happens to my great plans! :)
ps: too lazy to log is, so am using anon.