Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleepy head

These days my main gripe is that Moppet just doesn't sleep enough (Enough for me, that is :-)

I don't know why she fights sleep so much. Her eyes get red and droopy. She gets cranky and clingy. But she WILL NOT sleep!

Putting her down for a nap is a battle of wits that can last upto an hour... and when she does nap, she's usually up in about 4o minutes.

But she's always in a much better mood for having had her nap, and wakes up all refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of her day, so I continue to fight the good fight...

Anyway, for all my complaints about her wide awake ways, I've discovered I do have a few photos of her asleep. Here are some of my favorites:

Moppet, age 5 days, in thoughtful slumber - don't miss the little thumb under the chin!

Moppet, age 2 weeks, taking a siesta with her Papa

Moppet, age 5 weeks, not a care in the world!

Moppet, age 4 months, doing impression of a sleeping crab

Moppet, age 10 months, finally gives into sleep, but keeps her hold on my finger!


bubandpie said...

Ah, sleep. They want it, they need it, and they fight like heck to avoid it...

Tharini said...

Hold on to her nap thing for the next 3 years minimum. She'll need it and so will you. Loved the crabby pic. Cutie pie!