Saturday, March 31, 2007


Has it only been one year?

One year since you came into my life and turned it upside down?

Was the last time I slept for 8 hours straight a mere 12 months ago?

Has it only been 52 weeks since weekends disappeared from my life?

Was it only 365 days ago that I could spend a whole day reading on the sofa?

Have I spent only a thousand hours breastfeeding you?

Have I changed only four thousand nappies?

Has it only been one year?

Yes, it's only been one year.

Only 12 months ago that I held you in my arms for the first time.

Only 46 weeks since that first magical moment when you looked at me and smiled.

Only 365 days of the wonder of watching you become you.

Only a million smiles and kisses and hugs.

Yes, it's only been one year.

One year since you came into my life and turned it right side up.

Happy first birthday, Moppet!


doorva said...

amazing... lovely...very poignant.

You should write a book Moppet's mom!

...and a kiss from me to Moppet - Happy Birthday girl.. you are very lucky to have a mom like yours !

SM said...

Happy Birthday to Moppet!
She's such a sweetheart! My daughter turned one on 25th and I can totally relate. It feels like so long ago that one had a good night's sleep or did something purely for ones own selfish self and yet it seems like yesterday when this tiny bundle of joy came along and turned ones life topsy turvy (in a oh so nice way!).

PS: Came here via Tharini's blog

Tharini said...

Happy first birthday sweet little princess! You're just gorgeous!!! And happy birthday to you dear Moppet's Mom...on this eventful, successful, happy 1 year!

Btw....interested in this?

Moppet's Mom said...

Doorva, you're too kind! I hope you will continue to push my case with Moppet when she's a rebellious teen and mom's all, like, uncool...

SM, yes, isn't it strange how time seems to drag yet fly all at the same time? Happy birthday to A as well - she's a doll!

Tharini, thanks a ton! Will try out the sixword thingy - if my head doesn't explode with the effort of actually having to think, that is!:-))