Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coming home

The minute he gets home, she pounces.

Wraps her arms around his knees and does a little jig.
Pick me up. Now. Now. NOW.

He lifts her up and she stretches her arms as wide as they can go, giving her broad-shouldered Papa a baby bear hug.

He kicks off his shoes, hopping first on one leg and then the other, and she squeals with delight.

He asks her about her day, and she responds excitedly with a string of baby words.

He puts her down; she grabs his finger and drags him off to show him a toy, a book, a cushion, the remote - whatever her treasure of the day is.

When he heads off to change and shower, she stands outside the bathroom door calling out to him. As soon as he comes out, she demands to be picked up again.

While dinner gets ready, father and daughter cosy up in the study.

Sometimes they chat. Sometimes they play. Sometimes they each just do their own thing.

But it's always a happy time.


Beck said...

My Baby is SO happy to see her daddy at the end of the day, too - just shriekingly delighted.

Tharini said...

Hi...I had to say that I love the way you write...clear crisp and so involving. Very refreshing! You are definitely a favorite on my blogroll. :)