Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How this blog was born

Me: Moppet, I'm bored.

Moppet (scrunching up her face) : Da DA dee dee DAAAA?

Me: No of course not! You're a fun girl, and I love playing with you all day. But you know, we're always talking heavy intellectual stuff, and I thought I might give my brain a bit of a rest sometimes... something light, you know what I mean?

Moppet (waving her stuffed elephant at me) : Tha THA tha tha!

Me: Exactly! So, I was thinking... what about a blog?

Moppet (poking her finger into my nose): AAAAAH!

Me: I'm so glad you agree! But will I really have the time to blog? And enough to write about? What if it's lame? Or boring? Or both?

Moppet shakes her head vigorously and slides off my lap, heading off to investigate the shoe cabinet.

Me: Ah, you're right! I should just do it!

And so I did.


Malavika said...

Ha- first comment ! :-)


Tharini said...

Awesome! Loved your sense of humour...enjoyed this sooo much.Keep them coming! :)

anja said...

I really enjoy your blog moppet's ma and have decided after reading yours that our days my thumki and mine are also filled with exciting stuff! You have inspired me to post more. Your moppet is a darling=)

aargees said...

Hi Moppet's mom,
Moppet is very cute and so is your blog. I really enjoy reading your blog...keep posting..happy blogging!

Sue said...

You know, Moppet was right. (She often is, I notice.)

dipali said...

Sue's right! Moppet is a good advisor, we see:)