Friday, March 28, 2008

This day, that year - II

March 28, 2006

The time, 8:30 pm:

The bottle is small, the liquid in it a thick, clear gold. It looks quite innocuous; inviting even, but I know how vicious its contents can be.

Should I, shouldn't I? I turn the bottle around in my hand.

Heck, I can't take this any longer. I just want this to be over.

I add one tablespoon of the liquid to the tall glass of strawberry squash standing ready on the table and stir.

A deep breath, a quick look into the still swirling red depths, and then I gulp it down in one shot.

The effect is immediate. And terrible.

I clutch at my throat, retching and coughing so much that my eyes almost pop out of my head.

Earlier that day:

'Sorry to have kept you waiting', said my doctor, not looking or sounding sorry at all. 'I just delivered Hrithik Roshan's baby. A gorgeous baby boy. Susanne had no trouble at all.'

'Much as that gladdens the heart, Doc, what would really make me happy is if you would tell me what you're going to do about this baby of mine which is refusing to come out.'

Having been told on my last visit that the baby's head had 'engaged' I've been expecting to go into labour for a whole week, and getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of action.

'Castor oil,' suggests the doc. 'Works almost every time.'

'Castor oil? Blech! What are my options?'

'Well we can wait another week or so....'

'I see. So will you write me a prescription, or do I pick it up at my local store?'

After the first dose, 8:40 pm:

'ACK! AUGH! GRRRHAH! I've brushed...GAK!...three bloody times. This is all YOUR fault!'

'Mine? How?' The husband is genuinely surprised.

'Let me count the ways. First, for getting me pregnant. Second, for passing on your lazy bum genes to this baby who doesn't want to come out. Third, because I'm the one suffering and you're not. And fourth...'

'...well I think we're better off with a baby who has my lazy bum genes rather than your manic-bouncing-off-the-wall energetic ones!'

'Oh you do, do you? You can drink the next dose then. I'm NOT having any more. NO! I'll stay pregnant for another month if I have to!'


Edit: I realise there's some confusion on account of me being currently pregnant. The 'This day that year' series of posts is about my first pregnancy, leading up to Moppet's birth on March 31, 2006.


~nm said...

:D Loved the conversation between you and your hubby! It was hilarious!!

So did the Castor oil actually work?
I know someone who gulped down one whole bottle through the day and it still had no effect.

Nags said...

oh boy! take care and good luck!

Swati said...

hahahha..LOL!!!! Its always there fault ..right :)

So you stayed preggo for another month :O Coz..ticker doesnot say its her bday today ???

Poppins said...

Nice series, I'm awaiting the part III. I know the ending ofcourse but as I recall you never did your birth story until now.

The dr that delivered moppet delivered hrithik's baby? How cool!

dipali said...

Wow! This sounds like fun, post facto of course!

Anonymous said...

where did my comment go????arrgh
for your benefit, i shall type all over again...
best of luck. i am sure munch will make an appearance reaaaaaaaal soon!

ps- using anon coz bloggers giving trouble.

Asha said...

Nice conversation :D

Btw, if you need to take castor oil again, try it with orange juice. I used orange juice to do castor oil cleansing and found it ok.

Just Like That said...

LOL! Its always THEIR fault. Poor you. But ... did Castor oil do the job???

Suki said...

Must have been awful! I was given a vitamin once with castor oil in it. Tasted like fish scales... and the taste WOULD NOT LEAVE!

Well... what happens next? :grin:

Homecooked said...

This was funny.I hope u didnt have to take any more castor oil doses :) I guess I'll have to wait for part 3 for that.U know Suzanne Roshan is pregnant again and due in May.

TESSIE | മഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി said...

OMG!!! life is pretty tuff after marriage huh/??

well!! not far away an experience for me


TESSIE | മഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി said...

forgot this...


mnamma said...

:) Castor oil - My goodness M's M. Eagerly waiting to hear part 3.

Mystic Margarita said...

Love the series Moppet's Mom! Since M was born on the 31st, I'm assuming the castor oil didn't work :)

Shobana said...

Tsk, tsk...woman! Don't you forget (all of us do it) that you were a part of it too ;) But loved reading this series and waiting for the next one...

noon said...

Just read this series...cute photo - Moppet sleeping peacefully on the sofa. Castor oil - it was the opposite in my case for KB's birth. It went past due date. I did not want pitocin I really wanted to take castor oil. Had it in my shelf too. But my sister (pediatrician) was totally against it! My mom was annoyed that I told her that I was planning to take it to speed things up...she said "Who asked you to tell her, you know she will tell you NOOO!"...
Finally I was induced with pitocin a- two days after due date and KB arrived 3h after they induced me!

Anonymous said...

Almost downed castor oil myself when Nibbles was fashionably late by a week. Chickened out eventually.

If lil Munch decides to chill in the womb well past week 40, you might want to consider other old wives tricks like spicy food or intercourse (no tips on execution of the latter).

Null Pointer

choxbox said...

nice idea (series to lead up to bday i mean).

Mona said...

i love the idea behind the series by the way.
and ew, castor oil.
thank God, i was relieved by 39w4d!

Kodi's Mom said...

brilliant series I say!and you're telling the tale really well...what happnd next? what happnd next?

Sue said...

Hey Moppet's Dad -- It's ALWAYS your fault. Although I'm guessing you've figured it out by now at least.