Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snippets - II

Moppet, future art critic:

Sees this photograph in an article on English eccentrics in Vanity Fair.

Pointing to the cow: "Cow!"

Then pointing to the anonymous artist: "This one donkey!"

I think she's got an eye for art, wouldn't you agree?

Moppet, future beauty pageant judge:

She's on the pot; I'm perched on the bathtub and we're chatting.

I ask, "Are you done? Shall I wash your bum-bum?"

She twists her head round to look at her posterior and says:

"Moppet si-mall bum-bum"

Then she looks contemplatively at my well-padded one, hanging over the thin edge of the bathtub. "Mama BIG bum-bum!"

For good measure, she adds insult to injury: "Moppet nice bum-bum"

Moppet, future Mama:

1. She and her father are rough housing. He's throwing her in the air, swinging her around in circles, and holding her upside down by her ankles. In between her giggles she cautions: "Be CAREful!"

2. She and I are playing with her blocks and I'm taking all green pieces because I'm trying to make a tree. She doesn't like that for some reason, and keeps grabbing the green pieces away from me. I don't appreciate that sort of behaviour and keep taking them back, telling her she has to share. Finally, in frustration, arms akimbo, she says to me sternly: "Mama, go ROOM!"


Mala said...

"Mama BIG bum-bum!" - priceless :-)

I wish you guys would move back to India !


Just Like That said...

The beauty pageant judge had me in splits!

Timepass said...

hahha good ones

Swati said...

hahhaha..too good

Anonymous said...

the "be CAREful" and "Mama go ROOM" are priceless!

Anonymous said...

So did you obey the time out like a good little mother?

Mona said...

haha, cuuute!

SUR NOTES said...

little moppet, you must bring out the fascist in you while dealing with your parents. thats the only way to train them, my dear.

and art critic, beauty judge- insightful comments!

and have the parents recovered from their talented child's comments?

Suki said...

Big mmmmwah from me for being so cute, little Moppet!

Shobana said...

He he he....enjoyed the beauty pageant judge's comments at your expense...a good one Moppet!

dipali said...

Hmmm.Young Moppet knows what she's talking about! And she's strict as well: several career options for this young lady:)

Anonymous said...

oh bummer! You got one tough critque on your hands Candyfloss. At least we know the kid's got taste.

Best I enjoy Nibbles' indecipherable cooing before the truth outs.

Null Pointer

choxbox said...


the mad momma said...

LOL! unfortunately most mamas have big bum bums - if that makes you feel any better.

i knew there was a good reason why i had the bean before the brat was talking too much!!