Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moppet on Munch

Ok folks, so Munch it is. I'm still trying to think of something for me and hubs (he's retaining his damn veto power over his nickname, it seems. Gah!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Moppet and I were sitting in my mom's rocking chair, and Moppet's insistence on sitting so close as to squish my belly uncomfortably, brought on this conversation.

Me: Moppet, there's a little baby in Mama's tummy. If you press so hard, the baby will get hurt. So you have to be gentle, ok?

Moppet: Baby inside?

Me: Yes, a small baby.

Moppet: (disbelievingly) Open baby?

Me: Not now. Now the baby is too small. We'll open baby when it's a little bigger, ok?

After that, every once in a while when she climbs onto my lap, she demands to see the baby and then traces out the baby's eyes, mouth, nose, head, body, and hat (!) on my belly.

Sometimes, without warning, she'll come up and hit my belly - not hard, but hard enough for it not to be a joke. Then she asks concernedly, "Baby hurt? Baby cwying?" I think it's simply because I've told her not to, and she wants to see how much I'll take before she gets into trouble.
This is not looking good for Munch once he's out and unprotected. He'll have to toughen up really quickly, the poor kid.

But there are other times when Baby must be given a goodnight kiss. And not just by her, but by Papa and Mama also. Since I am quite unable to perform the contortionist act required to kiss my own belly, she will usually give the baby another kiss on my behalf. And then she will ask, "Baby sleeping? Baby happy?" And when I say yes, she says, "Moppet happy!"

So I think she does understand to some extent, although of course, she has no clue what she's in for when Munch actually arrives to share centre-stage with her.

Moppet always was possessive about me, but recently it's become rather extreme. Mama has to carry her a lot, even from one room of the house to another. Only Mama can wash her bum, only Mama can put her to bed, only Mama must sit with her while she drinks her milk. This from a child who was quite happy to have Nanny or Papa do the honours a couple of months ago. Whether it is the result of our short break at home where she and I spent all our time together, or because she hasn't been too well since she got back, or because she understands that there's a new baby on way, I don't know.

In any case it's going to be an interesting ride for all of us.


Collection Of Stars said...

Congrats :)

noon said...

MM - I think it is all of it...looking back I feel somehow they know. And it works both in good and bad ways...they help you out and trouble you some because of it. They just know - something that we can't put a finger on. And things change so much. KB (not sure if you remember my post on KG's birth) was just too good on the two days I was away...but he latched on to me tight once I got back home - that very afternoon only mamma and no one else could feed him lunch. But those two days I was away - who ever was available gave him his meals (and I was the only one he would allow even before that). And he completely ignored the baby the first day or she is a part of his everyday life - he wakes up and immediately asks for "kutti baby". See if you can get this book from the library - Baby in the house by David F.Marx - it's a nice one and really apt now...Gosh I am so looking forward to your posts after the second one arrives!

Timepass said...

I forsee that little Munch is always going to wear a hat ( going by dear moppet's affection for him)..

Anonymous said...

cool! so you have settled on "munch"... :)

i think moppet's gonna make a realllly nice sis..the bit about "baby happy, moppet happy" is an indicator of what a good sister she'll make!!:)

Anonymous said...

btw, since you never told me i can blogroll you, im taking the liberty to do exactly that!
typing out the entire url everytime is too tidious!(if you want to object, now is the time!! )

utbtkids said...

Oooo, Congrats!!! :)

choxbox said...

moppet very cute :)

RJ said...

I like the hat in your belly! Take care.

Daisy said...

yeay- you went with my choice(and many others as well:).. munchkin will be a loved baby bro- dont ya worry.. moppet is too cute- hat???how in the world did she think of that??

Squiggles Mom said...

I just realised you finally made the announcement online!! And it's a BOY :)). CONGRATULATIONS! Aww....

I know I have a one track mind but I think it will be funny when Moppet tries to explore why the new baby has something different down there! In fact I remember someone telling me that an older sister when left unattended with the new baby brother, yanked it pretty hard just out of curiosity :) and was worried till he grew up on whether she had affected his abilities somewhat!

Homecooked said...

Congrats on settling on a he'll be Munch for us :) Dont worry about Moppet.Girls are more understanding than guys and she'll assume the role of an elder sister without any difficulty.

Mona said...

aww, i like munch :)
and oh yeah, he'll definitely have to toughen up real quick. but he'll be fine, i'm sure.

Mira's mom said...

Hey Moppet's mom,

Munch is nice! And you know what, Moppet sooner or later will love the idea of having a sibling to play with. So, believe me - there are happy days on their way :-)

the mad momma said...

oh they settle in eventually and then its 'her own baby' and God help anyone who denies him to her!

Moppet's Mom said...

Cos, Utbtkids, Choxbox, Rj: Thank you!

Noon: Thanks Noon - I know the first few months are going to be really tough, but I'm hoping by the end of the year, I can achieve the kind of serenity you and Mad Momma (!) appear to have achieved. Will look for the book at our local library...

Timepass: Actually, I foresee that if Moppet decides Baby has to wear a hat, Baby will have to wear a hat whether he wants it or not! :-)

Mandira: I hope you're right. And didn't I respond on the blogrolling thing earlier? Sorry! Link away, please!

Daisy: Yes, I'm currently struggling with real life names, didn't want to spend too much energy and time on a nick. Munch will do :-)

Squiggles Mom: LOL! I'm sure we're going to have some interesting conversations along those lines in the not-so-distant future. Right now, she doesn't quite get the concept of boy and girl, although she's very clear that she's having a baby 'bwother', and not a baby tister like her friend Ira.

Homecooked, Mira's Mom: Thank you, I hope you're right.

Mona: Oh, I'm sure he will be. He's already getting practice in-utero! My belly gets squashed, kneed, and elbowed on a daily basis by Moppet (mostly unintentionally) and it's certainly nothing like the peaceful ride Moppet herself had the first time around.

MM: Yeah, I'm hoping she'll see it that way. Because I know once she does, she's going to take over completely. My job will be done! ;-)

Moppet's Mom said...

@ MM: Where's that list of names you promised me? Pls to send!

Mala said...

Moppet: (disbelievingly) Open baby?

- this really cracked me up :-) I smile every time I remember this line


SUR NOTES said...

little moppet is going to be a great big sister!

yes, have fun, its going to be a beautiful journey.

Swati said...

Sweet :) All the Best

Kodi's Mom said...

can I just copy-paste the last section and make it my own "Kodi on Baby" post? :) they do sense in some way I think that they're going to be ousted very soon.

Preethi said...

hahaha on the open baby.. I wrote Nantu's version on his birth story a week or so back and sure enough it had my tummy opening up too :) These kids!!

Just Like That said...

LOL at Munch's hat. Moppet's started dictating terms already!
But am sure she'll be a good sis. that baby happy , moppet happy does comfort you , doesn't it?

Poppins said...

I second Kodi's mom, I think they know. Mine doesn't talk as much aboutit unless I initiate the conversation, but they do know.

They cling extra just when you would rather not have it. I think more than anything else they sense the change in us and our thoughts.

Munch is cute altho you might still change it na? What about you? Are you going to call yourself M&M Mom or something (God Forbid!!)

dipali said...

I like the sound of Moppet and Munch!
(May I call him Munchkin, please?)
I'm sure you'll all eventually have a ball:)

karmickids said...

Munch???? Eh??? As in the chocolate??? Kiran aunty will come right over and eat him up. Anyway, if you are hunting boy names starting with the same alphabet as the Moppets name, let me know, will mail across piles I had downloaded when the brat was zygote.

Kodi's Mom said...

oh, no, Poppins, does M&M Mom sound so uncool?! I suggested that very same name to her not so long ago.

M's M: you better settle this debate real soon. Or best, don't change a thing!

Sue said...

I can't see my earlier comment. :(

BTW, you're tagged.

Moppet's Mom said...

Mala: Yeah, she's still not quite convinced there's a baby in there. Keeps asking to open baby, or sometimes 'look-a-baby?' for variation

Preethi: Really! And he came crawling out all on his own, too :-)

JLT: Oh yes. She's going to so be the boss of him until he realises he can do his own thing. Which will be when, I don't quite know :-)

Poppins: I think I'll stick to Munch, but yes, I'll reserve the right to change his nick, especially if after he arrives there's something that strikes me as being particularly apt for him. For myself and the husband, I've been considering names, think I'll stay away from any 'mom' and 'papa' nicks. We'll have our standalone nicks. One thought is that since the kids are M&M, we could all have nicks in the candy / chocolate family, but just the thought of naming the macho husband after chocolate seems incongruous! :-)

Dipali: Yes, well that is his full name! It's just that I thought Munch would be more macho :-)

Kiran: See comment above - it's support to be short for Munchkin, but I suppose the equivalent of a bite-sized chocolate snack will do too! Not fussed about names starting with the same letter as Moppet's; in fact I'd rather it didn't. Would loved to see your list. Please do send it over.

Kodi's Mom: Can't not change the name - that would be unfair to Munch wouldn't it?

Sue: Coming over. Soon.

parijata said...

Hi, I've lurked here for some time, but this post moved me to comment.

Yeah, I think that the older ones know about the younger ones' arrival, too. My son has become crankier after I got pregnant. Sometimes he does not want me at all, and sometimes he wails to be carried. This is one roller-coaster ride!

Aryan said...

Open Baby..So cute..And she will give good night kiss on behalf of you??? I really liked it..
Aryan's mom