Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bring it on, baby!

Although Moppet has been doing a fabulous job of raising her parents single-handedly, we figured she could do with some help. All the arrangements have been made (what fun!) and the kiddy force in our household will receive a boost in the form of a baby brother for Moppet, expected to make a quiet, undramatic entry (!) in June this year.

Baby Boy needs a blog name, and no, Poppet is not an option, thank you very much! Here are some of the names I've been considering:

* Junior. This is what we've been calling him in the family already and it sort of fits, although it is a bit boring.

* Munchkin, or if he'd prefer it, the more macho Munch. I like this one, especially since 'Moppet & Munch' has a nice Laurel and Hardy ring to it, but I've been told that no boy will forgive me for giving him such an awful, public nickname. I have a feeling that may be true.

* Young One, to be called Yo, or when I'm feeling particularly silly (which is most of the time, I know), Yo Baby! :-) I suppose the argument against Munch holds for this one too....

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments which option you like, and fresh nickname suggestions are badly needed welcome.

Talking about blog names, both mine and Moppet's Papa's names will also need to change. And I'm not even thinking about an actual real world name for the baby yet. With Moppet, after having looked for and argued about names for the entire duration of the pregnancy, we finally settled on one girl name - the ONLY name out of about 8000 that we both liked - just one day before I went into labour. I remember my relief when the doc announced it was a girl. It's true - first thought that came into my head when I saw that squishy pink face was : yippee, we have a name for her!

Seeing that I have only about 4 months to come up with a suitable boy name, I have much work to do. The husband has already told me that since I was so rude about his chosen options the last time around, he's not going to come up with any options of his own this time. This is a good thing, because he is particularly inclined towards comic book and superhero names - no child of mine will be called Kal-el or Conan! He still retains veto power though, and with his uncanny ability to convert every one of my options into a silly nickname and veto it, it's going to be hard work finding a satisfactory name.

But then, that's only just the beginning of all the hard work, isn't it? Bring it on, I say!


Timepass said...

Congratulations.. Good luck with the name search..

Mala said...

FINALLY! I was thinking you might never announce it on the blog :-)

Mucho congratulations! What does Moppet have to say about it all?

>goes into temporary sulk because Poppet has been rejected summarily < - hey, how about Muppet? No? Hmph. Thought so.


Aryan said...

Ahh..congrats ..Moppet will be a good sister..Infact good..
Aryan's mom

Anonymous said...

arrrggghh!! why is blogger eating up my comments?!?

anyway, congratulations!!!!!!
i liked the name poppet.. not very original, i know but it rhymes with moppet and that makes it sound cute! but since you already disqualified it, i'd vote for "moppet and munch"... "junior" somehow reminds of scenes from hollywood movies!

SUR NOTES said...

yo is adorable.

many congratulations!

and why are all of you living in farflung places???

if you had consented i could have filmed with you for my preg film!!!

dipali said...

Oh Wow! Lovely news, Moppet's mom.
Will try and think of names for the poppet:)

noon said...

Look forward to all the next round of posts featuring the new addition! :)
Congratulations again! Esp to the big sister Moppet Madam! :)

Wunderyearz said...

Moppet must be excited with the whole idea of being able to play the role of a BIG sister.......

Mira's mom said...

Hey Moppet's mom,

Congratulations once again!
Believe me, nothing gets better than having 2 kids in the family! Wishing the pregnancy days are all fun of fun and happiness! :-)

Just Like That said...

:-D How did you manage to keep from blogging about it, esp with the second time mommies blogging abt their second times? Con- GRAT-ulations!! Am sure the arrangements were MOST fun;-) and I simply CAN"T imagine Moppet as a big sis. Well, a name... would you wan jevaisbienmerci???? LOL! Keep healthy, and keep posting. And now I know why that 'I wan some Mama' from you was so piteous too.
BTW, Blogger swallowed my comment on that post of yours. Gave u a beeg hug! :-)

Parul said...

Oh wow...what awesome news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Call him Hobbit. It rhymes with Moppet...erm, sort of anyway...and you can call him Hob for short and it can be your tribute to LOTR.

Wait a minute, I just thought of something. You may not want to give a tribute to LOTR.

Now I am stuck!

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS once again then!! HUGS TO YOU!!

Minka said...

Lovely news !!! Munch sounds nice . Racking brains for more names but not coming up with any

Swati said...

Ohh WOW ...Is it a baby season ? Kodi Poppin and now Moppet???CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU MOPPET!!!!

Munch is what I will vote for :-)

karmickids said...

Hey where did my comment go??? I wan some baby. I WAN SOME BABY. Any brave soul out there to dare convince the hubby...
*having got the unseemly whining out of the way*
Boppet. Boppet is nice. Broppet is an option.

compulsivedreamer said...

Oh Wow! Congratulations! thats awesome news....

Tharini said...

I just had a feeling you would be the one to make an announcement next. Just had that feeling. Now I don't know if it is just your post and news or all the hilarious comments here with nickname suggestions, but I have this huge smile on my face that I cannot seem to wipe off. So you, Kodi's MOm and Lavs, are all due in June. What fun to have company!


the mad momma said...

Oh Thank God. I was going to burst if you didnt announce it soon. :D now lets get on with the name business... let me send you boy names that i had narrowed down for the brat. we had similar girl baby name choices so you might like them....

Preethi said...

Congrats.. Munch sounds great.. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats, moppet-ki-amma! Wow, you do have some energy to be having another moppetish wee one so soon( Am sure the bro will also be a dynamo like big sis). Enjoy the rest the of the preggy time, perhaps the last time you will be able to stuff your gills and say "Its all for the baby!"

DotMom said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! heartiest congrats! what an awsome news this is!!!! I sooo like Munch. Moppet and Munch.. sounds awsome!

How are you feeling??? What do you crave??

Daisy said...

o wow! this is baby boom time blogdom- Kodi's mom/poppins and you ! wow! CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
I love munchkin - it sounds utterly butterly delicious!

Sue said...


Such fun all around. :)

Will think of names later.

Planethalder said...

Congratulations! By the way, my baby girl is also due in June!

Anonymous said...

wow - congratulations and good luck!

I go with Kiran... Broppet!!! Bro(ther) of (M)oppet!! how is that!!!


Moppet's Mom said...

Timepass: Thank you!

Mala: Come on, you can do much better than Poppet! Help out, na? ;-)

Aryan's Mom: I hope so - she's an intensely possessive little thing, so the only way is if we can get her to see that the baby boy is all hers. Then I probably can just sit back and let her bring him up! :-)

Churningthewordmill: Welcome, and thank you! It's always nice to have de-lurkers. Do keep dropping by.

Sur: Thank you, thank you - and you're doing a preg film? What fun!

Dipali: Oh no! Don't tell me Poppet has stuck already! :-)

Noon: Oh yes - I've been bursting with all the stuff I wanted to write about, but I was waiting for the right time to announce it.

Wonderyearz: Thanks. Moppet hasn't quite grasped the concept yet - I'll post on her reaction soon :-)

Mira's Mom: Thanks!

JLT: Thank you! It was hard, especially after Rohini's comment on my last post and your most direct q about it :-)

Parul: You and my husband are a right pair! I'm sure he'd like Hobbit too :-) Thank you, thank you for the hugs!

Minka: Thanks. Yes, Munch does seem to be getting most of the popular vote, doesn't it?

Swati: Baby boom time it is! Thanks for your wishes.

Kiran: Broppet! LOL! Poor kid, he needs an identity that's more than just brother to Moppet :-D

Compulsivedreamer: Thank you

Tharini: Yes, it's great to have company in these things! :-)

MM: Oh please, do! Thanks, I need all the help I can get!

Preethi: Thanks!

Deepa: I know - some friends have been calling us fools (you want another one like this?) but I prefer brave. ;-)

Dotmom: Thank you, thank you! I'm feeling great - spent the holiday eating so much of my mom's cooking that the doc had to warn me about my weight gain on my last check up! :-)

Daisy: Thank you! Yes, it's going to be fun with all the new babies coming around the same time.

Sue: Thank you!

Planethalder: Wow! Congratulations to you too! That's wonderful!

AP: Thanks mucho!

Mystic Margarita said...

Wow! Wonderful news! Congratulations, Moppet's Mom! :) I love Munch - somehow Moppet and Munch go together!

ddmom said...

Awesome!! Its sure baby season :) Hearty congratulations!

qa said...

Hey congratulations!!! Wish you all the best.

~nm said...

Congratulations!! I know I'm a late lateef in wishing you but do accept though delayed wishes :D

I like munchkin. How about lilguy or lilboy or cubby?

Suki said...

oooh congratulations!
And just two months ago she was worrying about how she'd handle a brood of kids with Moppet as gang leader... now it makes sense :D. :evil grin:

Yay, June will be an exciting month, what with Kodi's Mom and Lavs due. And then Poppin's Mom in August! Good timing, I was just thinking that all the babies are growing up ;).

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Congratulations !! With so many suggestions floating around, my choice will not confuse you any further ... I vote for Yo !!!

Shobana said...

CONGRATS Moppet's mom! A tad late to the party....sorry can't help with the name search...simply because, even though I was pregnant for 42weeks, I came up with Naren's name 3 days after he was born. That's me! Good luck and CONGRATS again.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Moppet's Mom! A second blog will compensate for my current deprivation of Moppet's daily adventures.

As far as names go, how about Kermit? He's the smoothest dude in the Muppet show (slight spin on Moppet Tales) and it rhymes with moppet. Then again, I may be too partial towards frogs, and apparently it's not easy being green.

Yo sounds cool, I like Mo' too (the apostrophe is key). It's not just a smaller version of Moppet, but symbolic of mo' babies, mo' diapers, mo' giggling, mo' tales to tell.

Null Pointer

Moppet's Mom said...

Mystic, DDMom, QA, NM, CA: Thank you - for your wishes and your vote! Munch is looking like the popular choice.

Suki: Yes, the thought of Moppet as gang leader keeps me up at nights!

Shobana: Thank you, thank you. It's good to know I'm not alone in this naming thing. Here though, you need to have a name ready before you go to the hospital or getting a birth certificate and passport etc is a bit of a hassle afterwords.

Thelastbyte: Thank you for de-lurking, and for all the name suggestions. I don't know if my poor son will forgive me for naming him after a frog, smooth dude though he may be :-) Mo' is sweet - I have also been toying with Moe (as in the 3 stooges). This boy is going to have a tough life, isn't he? :-)

Terri said...

Awww, congratulations, moppet and family! You really WAN SOME MAMA!!!! now, don't you?

Anonymous said...

i am just curious.. have you finally settled on a name yet? or am i rushing you here?

Just Like That said...

And to think I ROFLd at thinking you were having a baby!!
It was TRUE!!!!
ROFL again at my comment long back.

You remember Pip of Secret Seven- called Pippin by his parents? to rhyme you could call the li'l one Pippet (am a Chem graduate LOL) Would also go for Pipsqueak...
But seriously, i hope you finalise on a name beginning with M. Then you can still be called MM
Hmm, Muffin? (since you're making cakes now) Muppet? (he's sure to be a puppet in Moppet's able hands)
Ohhh! Can't wait for her to bring him up. Aren't you lookling forward to it? *evil grin*

will keep popping in with more names..

Sunita said...

Hey, congratulations & Hugs!!!!! My vote goes to munchkin.
God, You guys are just building up the pressure.

choxbox said...


Aqua said...

OMG! congratulations. looks like after hollywood, the blogworld is also gearing for a baby boom. congrats again!!!

Lavs said...

Hey Congrats. I am also expecting in June 08. I came here via Mad momma's blog. Now that's why they say three is company!! You, me and Kodi's mom making June babies[anti jinx]. I am super duper excited. Now I am off to explore your archives:-0

Poppins said...

Phinally !! I was thinking you might announce the day of the birth.. And it's a boyyyyyy *High Five*

Names, now if only I was that creative..sigh.

Moppet's Mom said...

Terri, Sunita, Choxbox: Thank you, guys. We're all very excited.

Aqua: Thanks, and where have you been?!

Mandira: I'm veering towards Munch, which also looks like the popular choice...

JLT: Wow, you're on a roll, aren't you?! Muffin's not bad - can I be greedy and ask for some more? :-)

Lavs: Welcome, and congratulations to you too! It sure is nice to have company, even if it is virtual.

Poppins: You know I actually thought about that :-) One fine day, a post would come up with the new baby's picture and all. That would've have been pretty cool too. But then there was so much stuff happening, especially stuff that Moppet's been saying and doing with regard to the new baby that I didn't want to miss out on posting about all that...

Trishna said...

Congratsssssss girl!! I just read!This is great news!!! Congratulations to Moppet's Papa and Moppet too! I am sure she must be thrilled about the new baby! And its a boy!!! that is so cool! one of each kind!
About the name-I like broppet and Munch!infact i like Munch more- Moppet and Munch!

Mona said...

congratulations! this is awesome news!
i like yo and moe. and kermit really is cute :)

GettingThereNow said...

WOW!! Congratulations! So THIS is why you asked me if I am more confident the second time around :D

CONGRATULATIONS!! I see in your recent post that a name has already been agreed upon, so I have no option but to go along. Hmph!!