Friday, February 29, 2008

Moppet @ 23 months

Since I'm way overdue on Moppet's 22 month update - she completes 23 months today - I'm converting this Crazy 8 tag from Kiran into an update.

(Am taking some liberties with 2 of the sections - '8 things before I die' has become '8 things I do that drives Mama crazy ', and '8 things that attract me to my friends' is now '8 things that make me me')

So here, in Moppet's own words, is the tag

8 Things I am passionate about:
1. Mama. Mama. Mama.
2. Papa. Somewhat.
3. Duddu (Milk)
4. Going ouside. Playing in the park. Playing in the sandpit and making 'Happy to You' cakes.
5. Jumping (inside on the bed, ouside on the trampoline).
6. Colowing. Dwawing.
7. Wearing mis-matched (according to Mama) clothes.
8. Playing Ceebeebies or Dowa on the kampooter.

8 Things I do that drives Mama crazy:
1. I am congenitally stubborn. I can scream non-stop for 2 hours.
2. I hold my food in my mouth and refuse to chew or swallow or spit.
3. I love my duddu but I won't drink it in anything other than my bottle, even though I can drink perfectly well out of a cup or glass.
4. I fight for (and mostly win) the right to wear the clothes I choose. Who dares to say that I can't wear a blue T-shirt, pink skirt and orange pants under it?
5. Everything has its rightful place and function as determined by me. Mama cannot sit in Papa's chair. Papa cannot drink from Mama's cup. Mama cannot use any other pillow but her own. Mama must not wear a button shirt if I so decide. The consequences of ignoring my requests are hard on everyone's eardrums.
6. Only Papa is allowed to brush my teeth - this is part of the rightful place and function rule. So when he travels, Mama and I have BIG fights. Have I said this before? I usually win.
7. I lick the soap off my body when I have my bath. And the lotion later. And then I tell Mama in a stern voice - "No licking soap / lotion".
8. I change the subject when asked about some mischief I've done. Or I pretend not to hear the question.

8 Things I say often:
1. No!
2. Uh-oh!
3. Mama, take off!
(She means get up, and she tells me this every morning at the crack of dawn - MM)
4. Mama, cawwy!
5. Let's go ouside! Come on!
6. Wan some more duddu / chocolate / cheese. No wice! No woti! No apple! No banana!
7. Papa office / Papa essercise. Moppet [s]cool. Mama home!
8. Mama, kampooter! Sit down! Wan some Ceebeebies.

8 Books I've read recently:
1. Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever!
2. The Fish Who Could Wish - Korky Paul
3. Corduroy - Don Freeman
4. Kipper's A to Z - Mike Inkpen
5. Little Quack's Hide and Seek - Lauren Thompson with Derek Anderson
6. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - Eric Carle
7. It's too soon! - Nigel McMullen
8. Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown

8 songs I can (and do!) listen to over and over
1. Jingle Bells - some techno version by a band I don't know.
2. Spiderman - Michael Buble
3. Kasto Mazza - Parineeta Soundtrack
4. Ajab si - Om Shanti Om Soundtrack
5. Hum to Aise Hain - Laaga Chunari Mein Daag Soundtrack
6. Allah ke Bandhe - Waise Bhi Hota Hain Soundtrack
7. Aicha - Outlandish
8. Happy [birthday] to you - as sung by Mama.

8 Things that make me me:
1. That wicked grin. Useful. It's gotten me out of more than a few scrapes.
2. Boundless energy that I generate out of love and fresh air, since I don't eat much.
3. Amazing decisiveness. I know exactly what I want.
4. Incredible stubborness. I know how to get what I want.
5. That ear-piercing scream. Another useful tool.
6. Charm on tap. When the screaming doesn't work.
7. A fierce attachment to the people I love. No particular attachment to any physical object.
8. That curly mop, which I refuse to let Mama brush, tidy, or decorate in any way.

8 People I think should do this tag (Kids or Moms, whichever way you'd like to do it)
Sonny Boy


Swati said...

Very very sweet :) LOL at "Who dares to say that I can't wear a blue T-shirt, pink skirt and orange pants under it?" BTW did I tell you that you have another tag waiting :P

dipali said...

Way to go Moppet!
Mom you sure have your hands full:)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey MM, thanks for the tag, maybe I can do a 'KT @ 24 months' one ;)
This sure is interesting and Moppet really scores :)
I loved the '8 Things that make me me'

Mira's mom said...

Hey Moppet - you sound like a real fun girl! I loved everything about you but think "what drives Mama crazy" is the best - keep up the good job! :-)

- Mira

Preethi said...

So cute.. loved what drives mama crazy.. licking the soap off her body.. my oh my!! I loved No wice.. Moppet you have a friend in my household.. :P
Will take the tag up soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

hey moppet, i thought that list was so cute!
dont let your mom make you think you have a bad dressing sense. as a kid my cousin used to wear a t-shirt with horizontal stripes along with shorts with verticle stripes. i kid you not. he actually wore that combi and even when to the market in it. i kept a respectable distance from him, but thats a different matter!!:P
PS:MM, i loved the way you blended the tag and the update. cool idea(thumbs up)

DotMom said...

she looks adorable! very sweet.. The bit about being posessive about other people's tuff (mamma can't sit on daddy's chair) it's supposed to me a milestone.. they are learning ownership. You have aone handful, charming youg lady on your hands. She and Chip should meet.

Kodi's Mom said...

clever update style! and thanks for the useful book list :)

licking soap and admonishing you? - total charmer, I say!

Kodi's Mom said...

whoa, I just realized (tubelight me!) 23months + 1 month = TWO whole years! I can't beleive it, she's going to be a 2yo in a month!

Mystic Margarita said...

You are a real doll, Moppet! Did you telepathically give some tips to Popol, I wonder? The screaming, turning on charm, licking soap/lotion sound suspiciously familiar? ;)You be a big girl and take good care of mom, ok?

DotMom said...


Just Like That said...

One could almost think that God sends them to a school which trains them on how to drive parents crazy before sending them down to us..!! Sonny boy shares quite a few things in common with moppet, and I guess plenty of other Mommas would say the same.. :-)

Very smartly done update, i must say.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Loved the updates ...especially your choice of clothing !!
Btw, did the tag

Homecooked said...

Great post....Moppet should write more often :)

Aryan said...

Moppet likes Ajab se song? Even aryan loves it...Nice post
Aryan's mom

karmickids said...

Moppet: Tell mom to quit writing the blog, since you're eminently more suitable to take over. And yes, there is a little tyke eager to make your acquaintance since there is a lot you have in common and he thinks you two would really hit it off. Shall I set up a blind date???

Moppet said...

Thank you, thank you all, especially for your support in the matter of my wardrobe choices :-)

Will send Mama around to check out the tags in a bit.

Poppins said...

How cute is she?? Supercute. She's grown so much and gosh.. I can't get over all the stuff she does. Give her one big hug and kiss from me will you?

Mona said...

i love that first picture! she's adorable!
also, haha, i love that she gets to wear what she wants. she's cute enough to get away with it for now, so why not?
i had a friend who's son wore his batman suit EVERYWHERE and anotehr whose daughter insisted on wearing her 'princess' dresses complete with tiara and wand, to the grocery store. yeah. i thought it was adorable!

~nm said...

Sorry for being so late in completing the tag but had been way too busy at work.

And oh..thanks for tagging and read it here