Monday, August 20, 2007

Moppet goes to playschool

Hello folks! The big news around here is that I've started playschool!

Mama keeps saying she'll post about it, but I think this whole playschool thing has been harder on her than on me. She just collapses on the sofa when we get home and whines about being in no mood to do anything.

Really, I don't know how she managed anything before I came along...

Anyway, coming back to playschool. I wasn't too sure about it at first - there were a lot of strange big people around who kept coming up to me and acting overly friendly. A couple of demonstrations of my superior lung power, and they backed off pretty quickly. No more trouble from them. It's always important to establish early on who the boss is :-)

The place itself seems rather nice. For one, there is the most fabulous sandpit - huge, and with tons of toys. I dived right in and spent some fun time making mud pies with the other kids and stealing their flags to stick in mine.

I didn't particularly want to go in at 'inside time' and complained a bit to Mama, but she told me there was more fun stuff inside that I wouldn't want to miss. And boy, was she right! There was a toy fort right in the middle of the room, more toys than I had ever seen before, a big fish tank with fish and turtles, playdough and paints and chalk, and baskets of books everywhere. I was so excited I kept running round and round the room trying to decide what I should play with first, before finally grabbing a book and a car and climbing into the toy fort to play.

I played for some time, but I had to keep an eye on Mama who kept wandering off. Every so often, I'd go look for her, find her chatting with some big person in another room and drag her back by the hand to where I was playing. I think I need to get a leash for her.

Then we had a music session, where Teacher J played the guitar for us, and all the kids joined in with their own instruments that they chose from a big box. It was very loud and a bit scary, so I cried and held on tightly to Mama. But when Teacher J started singing some of my favourite songs, like The Wheels On The Bus, and Row Your Boat, I felt much better. In fact, by the end, I felt good enough to join in myself with a drum I picked out of the big box.

Snack time was nice. We got milk and fruits and crackers and I sat at the table with the other kids and polished it all off. Mama was very surprised that I ate everything by myself and told me that she was really proud of me for being such a big girl.

Then outside for some more fun and games. I spotted a black pickup truck that I really liked, so I got in and said bye to Mama and drove off. Ok, I didn't really drive off, just sat there and spun the steering wheel. Mama went and sulked sat on the verandah while I played.

Back for some more 'inside time' - and this time I didn't mind going back in at all. I also like washing my hands - the washbasins are at just the right height for me, and they squirt some nice coloured soap into my hands which makes lots of bubbles.

We finished off with some lunch - soup and pasta - which was ok, but I think I had eaten too much at snack time, so I didn't eat much lunch. I was also rather tired - it had been a very exciting day but I was happy to go home. I said bye to everyone and blew kisses all around.

Mama said we can come back tomorrow. I think I'd like that.


Coming soon: Mama's version of events, and days 2 & 3


aargee said...

wow! thats great news indeed.
I would love if kiddo too could join something like that; But I felt he needs to grow a little more atleast his eating habits should get better.
I just kept imagining how Moppet would have enjoyed. Great! The play school works for how long? It must be a very safe place for kids, to do whatever they want and play whatever they like. Do keep updating :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey Moppet! I am glad you enjoyed yourself at play school :) And don't let your Mama sulk too much ;)

Just Like That said...

Sure am awed at your superior lung power and your strategy. Yup, big people need to be shown who the Boss is! Try lying on the floor and bawling next time, if lung power alone doesn't do the job.
And yeah, school is good fun, isn't it?
Sonny boy.
Aah! one more step forward and away...But the step was taken well. Congrats on a happy day at playschool, Moppet and Mom.
Sonny boy's Amma.

timepass said...

Dearest Moppet, you have proved once again that u r a good girl by behaving well at the playschool. Have fun. BTW shall i courier the leash u wanted for ur mom??? LOL

SM said...

OMG OMG OMG! Moppet's in play school...already??? And enjoying it??
(goes off in a huff to MM's to print out the list of play schools for Ananya)

Swati said...

WOW Moppet so many toys..:O Even I would love to join you there ..would you let me sit in your truck.I love pastas , so I don't mind you having my breakfast and I would have your share of pastas *wink*

Aaah ..All Mums are same , mine is no better than yours and btw why do need Mumma there ..we will let them have a girl to girl talk and we would enjoy.
What do you think ?
Waiting for your reply.

Poppins said...

Sounds like SO MUCH FUN ! I wanted to join moppet right there. Ok I'm moving to Thailand.

Seriously, you make me feel like I am denying my poppin something now. Bad Bad.

Something to Say said...

O wow Moppet, you got to playschool already? Good for you!! This clingy mom of mine tells everyone I'm not ready for playschool yet Me thinks, she's the one who's not ready. O wowee...all those toys and songs and friends.... If only I cud peak clearer, I'd let her exactly what I what to do...hmmph... meanwhile u have fun!

Sue said...

Hey Moppet, well done! Don't worry about keeping too close on eye on your Mama because you know what grownups are like, they would never really go very far (they are too scared, hurrah!)

Keep the stories coming in.

choxbox said...

sounds like loads of fun :)

DotMom said...

Am so happy you love the school. I am sure you will make tons of friends. And don't worry, pre-school is always harder on mommies than on us. Sure we cry a bit and throw the occassional tantrum, but like you say, they have to know who's the boss.
Waiting to hear more pre-school adventures and sharing all tricks with you!

Awww, Moppet you are turning into such a young lady now, aren't you. Tell mommie it gets better, will you?
-Chip's mom

Gauri said...

Cool - Really cool - that's what you are - little Moppet :-)

And your playschool does sound lovely.

Here's to you having loads and loads more of fun at your playschool.

Kodi's Mom said...

so thats where you've been, Moppet darling! and your independance came at the right time then...
tell us more, M's M - do you get to stay with her the whole day? how many hours is it for? etc etc etc..

sandeepa said...

Congrats Moppet dear on your first step outside :)

Moppet's Mom, I thought you had a post ready for DMC on the current theme. Come on fast :)

Suki said...

aww! The self-sufficiency is coming hard and fast, isn't it? :big hugs:, MM. Can understand this is quite a rough phase for you.

Remember what I said though. No matter how independent Moppet becomes, you'll always be the only one who can give her the comfort of "Mama's here". :).

Glad playschool is going well. Now maybe Moppet's Mama can look for her own not-quite-play office in peace?

Tharini said...

Sounded like a great day! Waiting to hear all the rest of the groovy details...

karmickids said...

So thats where our Moppet has been missing in action. Wow, sounds like you're having a blast. And did mamma cry at all in school or was she a brave girl like you?

Moppet said...

Thank you all. Yes, it's a fun place, and I'm beginning to make friends with my teachers - they're very nice. But I want Mama to stay too. Today she left me for an hour and I HATED it! I cannot think why she'd want to do such a thing, but she'll explain in her post that's coming up.

noon said...

Wow Moppet - congratulations big girl! Play school and you being so cool about it all...and my god eating all the snacks on your own - can you please come and visit my son - he loves to play and am sure he would enjoy your company...and just may be he too will eat on his own if you inspire him! ;)
So glad you had fun!!!Ahem - waiting for Mom's version!

Sunita said...

WOW!! You already started, and that sounds like lots of fun. My mom is just browsing doing ooh aah once in a while. God knows when will I have some friends to play with.

Squiggles Mom said...

Moppet - You're going to love it... but remember to give mama a big kiss every morning and pretend to be really happy to see her when she comes to pick you up.

Mystic Margarita said...

Hey Moppet! It's wonderful that you loved playschool. My! You're a big gal now, aren't you? Do keep us posted on your new adventures - I'm sure Popol will love hearing about them. A big hug to you from Popol and his mummy. :)

Smitha said...

ha ha.....sat in the black truck and drove off ...while mama

Looks like moppet is having a good time...:-)

Terri said...

moppet, I loved your take on this whole "school" concept. I'm sure you'll settle down in a few weeks, and so will your mom.

WhatsInAName said...

"demonstrations of my superior lung power"

lol... too good!
I surely know Moppet would begin to love her play school!