Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And the answer is no

Whatever the question. If it sounds like a question, her answer is ready: No!

It's her new favourite word.

She says it with care, her mouth making a perfect 'o'. No 'nah', 'nuh', 'nay' for her. No, she says, just as the Queen would say it.

"Moppet, do you like sitting in your bucket?"

"No!" (splashing around happily in bucket)

"Do you want to wear your orange shirt or your green one?"

"No! " (grabbing green t-shirt)

"Where's Papa?

"No!" (jabbing at her Papa's photo in the album)

"Do you want some water?"

"No!" (gulp gulp gulp gulp aaaah!)

"Well, aren't you being nice today?"


"Shall we take a picture?"

No prizes for guessing the answer.


noon said...

Quite the queen bee she is! :)

Just Like That said...

ha ha ha True, the Queen couldn't have said it better!
Bad Momma, to take a picture after Moppet gave you such a definitive NO

~nm said...

Hahaha...cute as a pie! :D
How many clicks did it require to capture the right moment? :P

Just kidding..

Poppins said...

Isn't that a cute picture, tell me how you managed to catch her in the act of saying No?
Her pursed lips etc al. Cuteness !

Poppin says it shaking her head like an elephant "No No" is what she says.

Squiggles Mom said...

I love the picture! Think of it this way... if she's Queen, then that makes you Queen Mother (not bad eh).

Moppet's Mom said...

Noon: Only in this one thing. Otherwise she's a regular ragamuffin!

JLT: Ha! If I did everything as per Moppet's command....*shudder*

NM, Poppins: Actually, just one. I did exactly what I wrote. I asked her if I should take a picture, she said no, and I clicked! :-)

Squiggles Mom: Queen Mother - I wish! My current designation according to Moppet is Court Jester!

Just Like That said...

LOl at court jester. Moppet's Mom, I hope you won't feel bad, but I think you're quite the jester of our little blogging world too. And I love your posts for the chuckles and full blown laughs it brings me without fail.
Btw, congrats on target achievement. double digit figures :D

Tharini said...

Hello Queen Mother....she's priceless! Love that perfect O I see her making inthe pic. She looks a little grown in this one. I think its because of her hair growing out. :)

Something to Say said...

how cute.... and what a priceless pic..

Gauri said...

Oh what a mean momma !! Moppet says NO and momma does not listen !!

But that is one priceless picture you caught Moppet's Mom :-)

And yes, I echo Tharini in saying that when I first looked at her picture the immediate reaction was "Lil Moppet looks quite grown up in this picture".

Here's to more NO's !!!! :-)))

Suki said...

"Isn't that the cutest Moppet on earth?"
(shakes head and laughs... and laughs)

Kodi's Mom said...

but no Queen could have posed this cute! good going, Moppet. you've learned the most important word in the dictionary. everything else is sundry.

unrelated q: is that your sleeping arrangement in the background. so you have a tiny bed for M attached to your big one?

Moppet's Mom said...

JLT: Oh, I don't feel bad. It's not the first time I've been called a clown! ;-)

And thank you for the DD figures - I couldn't have done it without you! :-)

Tharini, Gauri: I'm dying to cut her hair - it's really messy - but just clipping her nails is a nightmare. She screams like I'm cutting off her fingers. So you can see why I have yet to muster up the courage to trim her hair....

STS, Suki: Thank you, thank you :)

Kodi's Mom: Aargh! I didn't realise I had exposed those ghastly mauve bedsheets to the world! I should do a post on those sometime...

But to answer your q, yes, M sleeps on her mattress with a couple of pillows as a buffer. If she wakes up at night, I only need to roll over and soothe her back to sleep. Unless of course, she's done sleeping, in which case she climbs onto our bed and amuses herself by poking and prodding her papa and me in various sensitive spots.

Kodi's Mom said...

nice! (no, not the sheets ;) the sleeping arrangement) I asked because we're trying to work out what would be best for us. so if you have a post on that coming, you can count on one enthusiastic reading awaiting it :)

Sue said...

Rahul's been saying 'Haan' and 'Ney' since he was four mo. I'm not sure how much of it is intentional, but it does help us with our decisions. More fun than a coin anyday.

Moppet-girl -- That is one cute pout you're cultivating there.

Asha said...

Practice makes man perfect. :)
Love the shot.

SM said...

Missed out on your last few posts. Got back from Goa to see Moppet saying No!
For Ananya it's "De Do" (Give me). She wants to be handed over anything and everything in sight.
Like Kodi's mom i have been looking at options for sleeping arrangments and the one you have is quite like the one I envisaged for us. Except I am thinking of an attachment at the side which can roll under out of sight. Since we don't have box storage I think it might work. One thing though- doesn't Moppet tend to roll over her cot from the unprotected side?

Moppet's Mom said...

K's Mom: I was actually thinking of a post on How I Got Ghastly Mauve Bedsheets, because that's really more interesting than Moppet's sleeping arrangement!

Sue: LOL! When Moppet was a couple of months old we would use her for arguments that we could never resolve. So I'd say, ok if she says Ah, we'll go with my idea, if she says oh, we'll go with yours!

And to think we're the adults in this family...

Asha: Now, if only she'd practise saying 'Whatever you say Mama' :-)

SM: Welcome back! Hope you had a good trip.

It's a large mattress, so Moppet can move around quite a bit and not hit the edge, but I do put a couple of heavy pillows on the other side just in case. In any case, it's low enough that she wouldn't be hurt even if she did roll off, and when she's awake she can climb on and off it safely by herself.

Swati said...

Great picture and cute post.

AmmaForever said...

that's what i call a kodak moment! such a cute moppet she is.

rbdans said...

hey, missed to add yours and couple of others to my reader.
Read the last few posts and you got me ROFL, except the one on job hunting.. Good luck!
The "no" was a passing phase with D, now she has graduated to "I can do it myself" phase.
And I have to say this, you write with a sense of humor. Nominated you for Best Humor Blog!

Terri said...

Oh god, what a cutie! I feel like planting a kiss on that pouty mouth. I'm sure you guys have already done so.

Smitha said...

cute picture and how nicely captured noo....:-)

Just Like That said...

have tagged you on fetishes. :-)

timepass said...

Great, u actually managed to get her pic saying no.Loads of patience u have...I mean to hold the camera waiting for her to say no and then clicking at the right time...