Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Moppet, do you need to go do susu?"


"Are you sure? Come on, let's go sit and see"

"No! No, no, no!" (vigorous head shaking)

"Ok, then"

60 seconds later, she's standing in a pool of piddle, her plastic blocks and stacking cups generously splashed too.

She meets my angry glare with equanimity. Straight-faced, she says: "Uh-oh"


Moppet is doing her little pick-me-up jig at my feet. I bend down and tell her that big girls go walking; so should she.

She considers this for a moment then points at herself and says "Baby." And looking up at me as if to emphasize my bigness, she pats my knee and says, "Mama, walking."

Confident that there can be no further argument, she raises her arms to be picked up. She is.


Whenever she does something good, I usually give her an enthusiastic 'Good girl' and a high five. Moppet has picked this up and uses it to her own end. After she's done some mischief (usually of the expressly forbidden kind), she knows no one's going to say good girl to her, so she says it for herself. "Goo-gal!"

Goo-gal, indeed!


Wunderyearz said...
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Wunderyearz said...

Been a regular visitor to your blog but been a little lazy to comment on it.
Keep posting you are really great at it

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was picturising moppet's facial expressions while reading those snippets esp when she points herself as a 'baby' and the susu one. Her talks abd actions are adorable. If possible, do paste moer snaps of her's.

DotMom said...

the baby one was priceless :) She looks all grown up lady in the pic. And it's good to have you back!

SUR NOTES said...

we could exchange babies and not know the difference!!! they are all the same, or is this a milestone? the potty trained toddle who regresses...the indep toddler who now wants to be picked up... the self congratulatory child...
lovely photo...

noon said...

Oh my god - MM - that first part - the uh oh...all exactly what KB does (not for susu since I have not even remotely started potty training) when he is playing with water or drinking his juice - he will do something else with the other hand and I tell him to watch out and he will look at me and tilt the cup even more and spill it and say "uh oh"!
And loved how she confidently made her point and you had to pick her up! :))

Poppins said...

Tell me about the Susu tales. If I ask poppin, "Where should you go Susu", she will say Bathoom. Then promptly find a corner, do the job!

I feel inordinately pleased that Moppet is doing this though ;)

Just Like That said...

hahahahahahaha! Loved your snippets. Moppet is a goo-smart-gal alright!
I miss Sonny boy's toddler years!!!! And boy! while we were at it, I never thought I'd miss him making susu and me having to mop up!

Orchid said...

and you are back!!...I say Goo Gal too!

karmickids said...

Goo Gal. The su su stories I could tell you.....

Moppet's Mom said...

Wunderyearz: Hi! Thanks for de-lurking :-)

Anon: Thank you.

Dotmom: Really, not even 2, and she's sassing me already. What will she be as a teen? *shudder*

Surabhi: It's weird isn't it? Only Moppet is not quite potty trained yet in that she never volunteers the information, but will say yes or no if specifically asked. Usually, that is.

Noon: Yes, this 'uh-oh' is a word I'm hearing a lot around the house these days, and it is not a happy situation :-)

Poppins: Have I told you you're evil? You are! Yah!

JLT: You miss that? No, really?

Orchid: Yup! Still just getting around to catching up with everyone's blogs - everyone seems to have been super prolific, I'm lagging way behind.

Kiran: Oh, I bet you can! The last one in the men's loo was priceless!

Collection Of Stars said...

Lovely :)
Snippet 1: Same here including the uh oh. If you have any ideas as to how to susu train, please pass on :)

Snippet 2: Same here except that KT keeps on and on repeating that she wants to be carried till I tire of hearing it and carry her.

Snippet 3: Same here except that I become the good girl amma when I let her have her way :)

Squiggles Mom said...

Her IIM genes are showing :). Smart gal.
And sorry I didn't get around to calling once we reached the hotel.... we kind of got swept away by it all :).

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Been there ... got annoyed ... but now that Cantaloupe is all trained, all I do is smile at your post :)

Rohini said...

Ayaan is more or less poop-trained but the susu story is still a daily occurrence at our place.

WhatsInAName said...

adorable tales... these moppet tales :)