Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mischief, mysteries, and suchlike madness

There's no doubt about it. I have given birth to a goonda. The fact hit home last weekend when our friends and their 5 year old daughter stayed with us. We went out shopping, and the way Moppet bossed over E, one would think that she was the one who was twice as big and 3 times older. It helped that E is a lovely, sweet natured child who was happy to play along with Moppet's crazy ideas.

Like they would go running down the mall hand-in-hand, yelling some sort of war cry, leaving a scattered bunch of startled shoppers in their wake. Or they would conspire near supermarket aisles, and attempt to knock down powder tins with one swipe, like dominos. Dash into a store and throw around some giant plastic balls that were piled in a corner. And of course, they went completely mad at Toys-R-Us.

I don't think E has done as much mischief in the last year as she managed to accomplish with Moppet in that one hour. She was giggling uncontrollably throughout, although her natural well-behaved self did assert itself at the supermarket and Toys-R-Us, where she followed Moppet, putting back everything she swiped from the shelves.

For the first time, I found myself questioning my wish for 2 or more kids. More kids, like this one? With this one as the gang leader?! Heaven help me!


These days, I am called to Moppet's bedside 3 or 4 times a night, usually with a piteous cry for 'Maaaama', or a croak for 'waaaater'. These are simply dealt with. A pat and a firm 'go back to sleep' is mostly enough for the first cry, and a sip of water takes care of the second.

Sometimes it's other people who are called. Her best friends Ishta (Ishita) and Bin (Ben) are often sent midnight summons, and since her grandpa arrived, Daadu has also been requested on a couple of occasions. Telling her they're still asleep and she should go back to sleep too usually works.

There are also some extraordinary calls - Bucket! Apple! Boat! Bubble! - what on earth is going on inside that little head of hers?

But that's not the mystery here. The real mystery is how her Papa has managed to NEVER be the one getting called at night. What I wouldn't give to be able to turn over in bed, poke him and say - She's calling YOU!

Sigh! In my dreams, maybe.


Apparently Moppet has a fetish for hair. I'd noticed that she liked to play with her friend Ishita's pony tail (much to Ishita's annoyance), but I thought it was more about playing with her than with her hair. Then this little Japanese boy about Moppet's age, owner of a most luxuriant head of soft silky hair moved into our building. For the last few days Moppet has been vigorously chasing him around the park, trying to stroke his hair, causing much merriment among the rest of the park population.


My dutiful DIL phase continues. Actually, my FIL is a sweetheart and is really no trouble to look after, but he does like to talk. A LOT. And unlike his son who gets away with rude remarks like, 'Yeah, I've heard that a dozen times already' or 'Ok, ok, get to the point now', I have to resort to gentler tactics such as 'Ah I remember you mentioned that before', or 'So you were actually tellling me about...' Not half as effective I'm afraid.

But in all, we're having fun. Every afternoon, we explore some new side street in Bangkok together, and have even managed to locate a South Indian restaurant not too far from our apartment. FIL has given his seal of approval: Prices are not alright but it tastes ok like.


Poppins said...

Don't you dare go around calling the cute Miss Moppet a Goonda! I longed for a naughty baby, and I am living vicariously through yours :)

The FIL talks a lot? What about me my entire set of inlaws talk a lot. Including the husband.

DotMom said...

cute moppet!! tell me, woul you really would have liked a non-goonda? :) you would have spent all your time wondering why she is not to any mischief.

I can totally feel your pain about talkative inlaws. My MIL LOVES to talk. And will repeat herself. BigGeek will tell her to get to the point or stop repeating herself and I, like you have to resort to gentler tactics which are not effective at all!

Orchid said...

moppet's dad never gets called? smae here with Uj and Li'l A ...hmmm some conspiracy,this ??

and oh..tell me about the "talks-a-lot" bit...I can put my MIL on the phone finish my entire cooking and then be back and she would've neither missed me nor be done!

Anonymous said...

oh how I would love to meet the Bangkok rowdi! so, any plans of vacationing in the US? (if you say no, we just have to make that thai trip thats been put off for too many years now!)

-Kodi's Mom (too lazy to log into blogger)

WhatsInAName said...

lol... fetish for hair? She looks like my junior!

Garrulous FIL? Absolutely sweet. I prefer talkative people to serious ones.... anyday!

ddmom said...

She is cute! You are loving every bit of this goonda, aren't you? and secretly wishing to have more of the kind. *wink*wink* You would like to have MORE than 2? You are a very brave woman!
LOL on moppet's dad never gets called. Same here.. sigh.. the minute she is drowsy till the time she wakes up the next morning, papa needs to be out of her room. [Antijinx]However, since this last week she is sleeping in her own bed with her papa on the adjacent bed five feet apart, hope its lasts[Antijinx]

Itchingtowrite said...

i hav to resort to the good old shut up at night when they trouble too much...wonder how hubby manages to sleep thru it all

shyam said...

Dammit, she's SO cute! It's those little front teeth that do it for me :)

choxbox said...

LOL at chasing japanese kid. way to go moppet!

Sue said...

She's obviously inherited Aunty Sue's genes.

*Wipes a tear of pride from her left eye*

I have a hair fetish too, and play with whichever friend's hair that I allowed to approach.

Just Like That said...

Lol at Rowdy Rakkamma chasing the li'l Jap guy. But yeah, the Rakkamms leave a lot of good memories tho' they do make us quake in our shoes at times. Don't you agree?:-)
And Moppet is a cutie pie, the pics leave one in no doubt that she's having a whale of a time.:-D

yup, there sure is a conspiracy towards letting the papas sleep in peace..

Moppet's Mom said...

Poppins: Hah! Easy for you to say with angelic little Poppin in your arms. Let's do a limited time swap, shall we? I can guarantee you won't last a week! :-D

Dotmom: You're right. I can't really imagine her any other way. There are moments though...

Orchid: LOL! Unfortunately my FIL requires a committed response every few minutes! :-)

Kodi's Mom: No US trip on the cards for us, so pack your bags and head on over! We'd love to host you all.

WIN: You're right, actually. Although it helps if they talk a lot about different things!

Ddmom: No, really! I cannot handle one more like her. I'm positive! :-D Good luck with the nightshift handover.

Itchy: I think guys have some sort of baby noise filter. Moppet's Papa has been known to wake up in the morning and ask me if Moppet slept well. And we all sleep in the same room!

Shyam: Yes, there are moments when she's almost human!

Choxbox: I think the poor jap kid is scarred for life though!

Sue: I was wondering where she got it from. I should've known it was your evil influence!

JLT: Yes, despite the premature aging, there's certainly a lot of stuff to look back on and laugh at.

Mala said...

I totally agree about the baby noise filter. K sleeps through all but the most raucous screams..although he has been known to open one eye, pat me encouragingly on the knee(as I wrestle in the dark with a squalling, wriggling baby), roll over and go right back to sleep. I don't know how he does it.

2 or more, eh? Have you been talking to K? His starting point is 4.

Squiggles Mom said...

I keep wishing Squiggles will be naughty. But then I think of my niece and Moppet I am unsure. Squiggles has already started squealing like Moppet :). Maybe I can send her hor holidays to you... what's one more, huh? You have more experience anyway.
Oh BTW, someone we know is on her way with baby no. 2.

Fuzzylogic said...

I am shuddering thinking what would happen if we let loose Moppet and Ina together. They will probably create a Mafia group and terrorize every kid on the block:)But look at Moppet..she looks so cute and does seem like she is having a great time!
As for waking up for those bedside calls we have a rule. She calls "daddy" or "mama" the respective ones will march to her room. And I'm getting more luckier because nowadays she somehow prefers to get her "Daddy" by her side than me:)don't know how long it will last but I'm keeping my fingers crossed:)

Orchid said...

Happy Diwali girl, fil keeping u busy, yet?

Rohini said...

Well, I for one think the goondas have more personality and character... or so said the hassled mom of another goonda :)