Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tales from the pot

Okay, so this is not exactly the best subject for a comeback post, but given my abysmal rate of posting this year, I figure at least it's a post, right? D, this is for you :-)

I have on occasion asked friends whose kids found all things potty hilarious, whether it's a boy thing, seeing that Moppet didn't seem to find it particularly funny. They assured me it wasn't, and that I only needed to bide my time. Yes, you have my permission to call me an idiot. Of all the things to worry about, I just had to worry about her not being age appropriately amused by potty.

Anyway, even that worry didn't last for long. These days she has developed a rather sophisticated (if indeed, this word can be used together with toilet jokes) sense of potty-humour.

For example:

Me: Are you done yet, Moppet?
Moppet (examining the contents of the pot): Not yet. I've only done a leetle baby potty. Now I need to do a mama potty, a papa potty, and a sister potty.


Moppet (making a sad face): Mama, my potty is very sad.
Me (against my better judgement): Why is your potty sad, Moppet?
Moppet: Because he fell in the water and lost his best friend Susu.

These little punchlines are usually followed by a 2 second pause during which she scans my face for the appropriate disgusted expression, and then bursts into peals of excited laughter. I think she's going to have a real talent for stinky pjs when she grows up.

And as for Munch, I already know I don't need to worry about him. Everytime he farts or burps he giggles and looks at me to make sure I appreciate the wonderful sounds he's produced. He's even been known to clap his hands for a particularly loud burp. And his father is genuinely proud.

I think my original hypothesis was right. It IS a boy thing.


Mala said...

Has she been talking to D? We are trying to convince him that the potty is the place to pee..and end up having long conversations about how baby S*s* is going to join Mama S*s*. He categorizes everything as Baby, Mama and Papa- from trucks to chairs to poop.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

ROTFL!! What a cracker of a comeback post!

Seriously, all you need to do to get a bunch of kids into a giggly fit is say the word "Potty!"...works like magic!

And yes. Oh hell yes! It IS a boy thing!!

Mona said...

lol! i love it - moppet's a scream! and munch equally hilarious.
it is not a boy thing! i get uh oh, funny fart followed by giggles all the time !

Just Like That said...

Welcome back! :-D :-D Glad to know Moppet hasn't lost her touch at having us all in gales of laughter. You are MUCH missed, Mags.

And oh! it definitely is a boy thing. SOnny boy used to intersperse potty/susu in every fifth sentence once upon a time. Think it has now reduced to every 10th sentence.

And his potty talks to him from his stomach!!!*rolls eyes upward*

Mama - Mia said...

hahahahahahaha! man i am laughing hard and my colleagues are staring at me!!

wicked wicked Moppet! :)

Vidooshak said...

Ugh, I am disgusted. So it is not a boy thing.

On the other hand, potty being friends with Susu. Hmm, what a thought! hehe

Come to think of it, Cubby did enjoy grunting and screwing up his face--- even when there was no pressure--- just to see us squirm, when he was barely an year and something old.

It is a boy thing, yeah. I agree!! Brilliant blog, how come I missed it so many days?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Moppet's potty pjs, and Laughing even louder for 'it IS a boy thing' :)

Poppins said...

howlarious! no potty jokes here yet, have we missed a milestone ;)

oh well i still have my hopes pinned on sweetpea, like Cubby she makes the potty "faces" and looks to us for appreciation :p

My word verification says 'peed'lstr

Just Like That said...

Tagged you :-)

Collection Of Stars said...

Lovely post to get back to blogging :)
Lots of potty jokes here too. Potty takes on different shapes like Jelebi, kurkure and such crap.
KT has a kakka - susu joke too which she narrates to everybody who will listen. Yuck!

Rohini said...

Too funny! My boy is not boy enough on this one - no potty humour happening here...yet

Anonymous said...

Gross but what a sense of potty humor! Like Ro, waiting for the boy to start...

dipali said...

Moppet is absolutely brilliant!!!
I love this:)

AMIT said...

Excellent post.

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Doorva Bahuguna said...

Going by my husband, dad in law, dad's PJs and fascination for toilet humor, i can very safely conclude..that it is a BOY thing!! Husband is even fascinated by my two pups' potties!
Great post MnM's Mom. Was missing you around.

AD said...

You bet it is a BOY thing!! We are still very happy with poo-poo-in-the-diaper stage.

mnamma said...

At our home, about 75% of hubby's jokes are Potty related and M & N laugh the loudest for those jokes. And it definitely is a boy's thing - I think they are born with a special gene for it :)

Sue said...

That best friend Susu has got to be light years ahead of any PJ I've yet uttered. And yet everybody scolds me. I think I need to try to look like Moppet.

*goes off to practise rockstar impersonations*

Unknown said...

LMAO! And yes it is a boy thing.Confirmed. I speak from experience :)

aMus said...

that was too funny...

and yes, it IS a boy thing..i'm currently bringing up two boys, 3 if i include the father :)

Sukhaloka said...

It's a Boy thing? I'm currently snort-laughing irrepressibly... so where does that put me? XXYYYYYY?

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Rahul said...

Thanks for nice post.


Just Like That said...

Hey Mags! Got to know you're alive and kicking thru parul's post. :-D
Long time since your comebackpost- Why don't you stay back when you come back, girl? All well? getting run off your feet with the pair of 'em? Hugs to you and the kiddos.

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Arundhati said...

Had a good laugh, thank you!

Been mulling over whether or not to blog about P's potty/susu jokes, for fear he will disown me the day he is able to read ! Maybe I will now, your post has inspired me to tell all ;)

My first visit, enjoyed reading your blog immensely. Am going to click on follow now so I remember to come back for more :)

love sms said...

Here a lot of potty jokes. The bathroom Jelebi, kurkure and takes other forms, such as a waste.
Susu was just kidding, she narrates to everyone that will listen

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