Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turn over a new leaf, Mama

So Munch rolled over by himself for the first time this morning, quite by accident I suspect, going by the comical look of surprise on his face when he found himself suddenly nose to nose with a baby bear on his playmat.

For weeks he has lain on that playmat making no attempt to turn whatsoever, just grinning gummily at me whenever I nudge him and say fondly, 'Move it, you lazy lump.' 

Then today, just like that, he rolled over cleanly, popped up his head and pulled his arm out from under him as if he'd been doing it all along. It was so quick that I missed most of it. I put him down on the mat, turned to say something to Moppet who was hopping around behind me, and turned back just in time to see his surprised little face popping up off the mat.

Since that first roll a few hours ago, it appears he has sprouted springs on his back. Lay him down and boinggg!, he's on his tummy in a flash. 

So he's been doing that all morning, and then another surprise. I left him on his mat for about 10 minutes as I went to deal with Moppet's home from school routine, and came back to find him curled up on his side, thumb in mouth, fast asleep! First time he's ever put himself to sleep with neither boob nor rocker to help him nod off. It must have been all the rolling around.

And as I write this, he's off to la-la land by himself again, after an energetic half hour of post lunch rolling over. 

It feels like he was just patiently waiting for the right time, so that he could do it correctly and with minimal effort. If I were a more mature adult, I'd admit that that's a far more sensible outlook to life than my own energy intensive try-to-do-everything-all-together one. 

But I'm not, so I won't. 

I may just follow his example and take a nap though. Baby steps, see? :-)


Sue said...

Darn. Please tell him he's not grow up so fast. Just the other day we were dancing around to celebrate his birth.

*looks disgruntled*

Mona said...

i do see :)
go nap and when you both wake hug munch for me. rolling-over congrtulatory-kind of hug!

Pipette's Mimi said...

awww he looks so cute..
Congrats on the new milestone..And get some sleep mommy!

Gauri said...

Okey Dokes lil Munch :) Now on to the bellycrawls :) Ah ! Now that - sure is going to be the beginning of loads of fun :) for mom too :D

Rohini said...

Whoa! Big day for Munch!

B o o said...

Yeeee! congrats Munch! Now go and roll over just when Mommy is changing a poopoo diaper and hear her scream! Such fun, I tell ya!

Anusha said...

yay, Munchie!!
you're unstoppable now :)

Lavs said...

Congrats Munch..Join the gang:-0

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yay! Three cheers for the milestone! Next comes crawling...then the real fun begins!! :)


DotThoughts said...

Yay!!!!! His first big milestone!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Cheers little fella ... you can sleep by yourself ... Junior needs tips in the Cantaloupe household ... want to share??

Priyanka said...

Congrats! He crossed a major milestone !!

mayitbe said...

Hi Maggie,
Am a regular reader and I just love your style of writing.So understand what you are talking about.Am just as impatient with my 3 months,3 weeks old son and keep prodding him to turn over.I guess I also have to just learn to be more patient and mature like the little fellow:-).

Anonymous said...

Cute!!! All in one day....theres one patient, genious child for you :)

Just Like That said...

isn't that cute now...can just picture that boingggg! :-D

What big eyes you have li'l Munch! All the better to watch Mama with!

Unknown said...

Now big bro can you please tell momma to take a leaf or two from your book and to just QUIT nudging me over to my side??

Baby Nutty

Anonymous said...

I could literally see that in my mind's eye. Congratulations to munch!

Maggie said...

Thankee, thankee, everyone.

Seema, thank you for delurking! And yeah, we moms need to take a cue from the little ones.

Baby Nutty: Dude, you're a whole month younger than Munch. I'd tell your mom to chill, but you know she won't so just grin and bear it!

Mama - Mia said...

you go Munch!! :)

and even bigger yay for nodding off on his own after all the exercise!! :D

loved this post maggie!!



Choxbox said...

congrats munch baby!

Poppins said...

Cute cute baby. He reminds me of the sweetpea, I've been putting her down too hoping she'll roll over but she seems in no major hurry. I suspect she's going to do this sudden attack on me too. *Runs to charge the camera*

And what's with Moppet and sunsets? Poppin is crazy about them and wants to go to the terrace everyday at 5:15 t see the sun "going home"

Parul said...

Oh my god, he sleeps on his own. He sleeps on his own, people! ON HIS OWN!

Nagesh.MVS said...

Very cute...
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