Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It takes one to know one

This evening, Moppet and I were playing with her little doodle pad. I was drawing things on it and she would yell out what they were. I'm no artist, as is obvious from the recreation below (although I'm a bit better with a pencil than with the mouse) but Moppet was able to identify almost everything I drew.

It was great fun. Some of the things she liked so much that I'd have to draw them several times before she'd let me draw something new. We played in this fashion until I ran out of stuff that I could draw that she also knew the name of.

And then I had a brilliant idea. I drew me. Like this.
It's a decent likeness, really. I mean, just the curly hair is enough!

So I proudly show her my artwork, expecting her to say Mama. She takes one look at the picture and gets super excited. She does a little jig around the room and then comes back to jab her finger on my carefully done self-portrait and declare:



Sigh. She's right, isn't she?


DotMom said...

ROTFL. Oh my god!!!!!! you are such an artist. really. what a fantastic post. still laughing. can i send you my picture to do a kaataa?

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I used to play the same game with Cantaloupe as well ... I don't quite remember what she has said about the drawing of her mom ... but I drew it several times, so she knew the sketch and associated it with her mom !

Suki said...

You think you're no artist? Where does that put me? I traced ALL my biology drawings except the amoeba! Swear!

And that portrait of you does look like a cartoon, have to confess that! Would love to see a real pic sometime, but I do get the constraints. :P

Vewy Vewy cute! :D

Fuzzylogic said...

Take it as a compliment MM,she is so smart that she knows we are all such suckers for Kaatas especially those who always make us smile with their brilliant sense of humor:)Such a cute post!

RJ said...

Hi there!
I have been a lurker on your blog for a while.
Very nice post. Especially your drawings. They seem perfect and you are saying you are not an artist! I am sure moppet will recognize things from these images too.

~nm said...


Hey..thts was not for the toons that you drew..they looked pretty good. That laugh was for the last lines ""Kaata!"


Sigh. She's right, isn't she?"

mnamma said...

Those were some very good drawings MM and you say you don't draw? Cute :)

Orchid said...


Tharini said...

Those were some brilliant sketches MM. You're good. What a fun exercise. Reminds me of doing the same with Akhil a long time ago and he's get happy with a waterfall.

Nice post, Kaata! :D

utbtkids said...

Kaata, you are really good with the mouse. I can't do this good!

ddmom said...

Kaata, you no artist? Wait till you see mine. Even the tags on the pictures are beautifully hand written.

Moppet's Mom said...

Dotmom: You may. Although chances are you'll get exactly the same picture with different hair :-)

CA: You're obviously better at it than I am!

Suki: You too? What is it with you kids? That is a very nice self-portrait, I tell you!

Fuzzy: Ok, but only because YOU say so.

RJ: Welcome, new visitor! And yes, she did recognise them on screen as well - she came running in just now and shouted Kaata again!

NM: Thank you! Now that I can live with! :-)

Mnamma: You're sweet, thank you!

Orchid: :-D

Tharini: Brilliant?! *blush* No, no.

Utbtkids: Now you are all making me feel better. Thank you!

DDmom: LOL! I'm not that good sweetie! The tags are a font called child's play! :-)

choxbox said...

Kaata that was totally cute!

What abt drawing her btw?

Aryan's Mom said...

Hi Moppet's Mom

You are very good at drawing...
Cool pictures and cool kaataa

Swati said...

Great Pictures ...really ...even the Cartoon is so adorable ...LOL

Itchingtowrite said...

cute drawings.. kaataa!! ha ha ha..

Timepass said...

Kaata..LOL to Moppet..
BTW u draw well. If u happen to see my school drawing books, u will award urself with Bharat Ratna!!!

noon said...

You are one kataa MM! Total Kataa! :)
That Kataa totally goes with your personality!
And why on earth would you say you are not a good artist! Your doodle (?!) looks soo good - it should be part of some children's book!
I do the same with KB. I sometimes get mad at him because I will be feeding him his lunch while drawing sketches in his big drawing notebook - and he will ask me to draw so many difft things - my hands will be occupied in that half the time - no time to give him food. If I tell him to draw a fan - he will hand over the marker pen to me and say "Mamma". And when I finish it he will look at the real fan and then at my fan and smile in approval!

Collection Of Stars said...

LOL :) You sketch really well and Moppet is smart ;)

Squiggles Mom said...

LOL. I admit the drawing was a good likeness but hey if Moppet thinks you're like a Kaata then I'm happy to agree.

Kodi's Mom said...

yes, like the others said, you are a very good artist - if you could do that much with a mouse. nice job and you look pretty too :) the image looks cool enough to go your blog profile! and Moppet is right - kaata is your blog personality :D

the mad momma said...

how the hell did you make those cartoons for the post? with the mouse? i doff my hat. this is where she gets her smarts from :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Moppet sweetheart,tell Kaata to hop over at Ina's place for some surprise:)

Timepass said...

U have been awarded!! Do visit my blog to pick up the same

Gauri said...

Hey Kaata - you draw real kewl :-)
Did you do those with a mouse ? Wow !!
And Moppet Darling - I'm so with you in saying that your mom is a kaata.
And kaata - do you still have doubts as to whether the "sense of humor" gene has indeed been passed on ??!!

Just Like That said...

ROFL! I missed all this!

Little Moppet has insight as well as sight- you are a real kaata. but man! can you draw! I would hate to play against you in pictionary!

WhatsInAName said...


Reminds me of the time I wanted to draw a dog for my D to guess and she was naming anything but a dog.

But YOU are good! Really.

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey, have been wanting to let you know this from some time - I showed KT your drawings and she loved them. She could figure them all out except the broom and the 'aunty' :) - I told her it was an aunty but she did not look too sure :)