Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks

It's taken the combined might of FOUR bloggers to get me off my arse and do this tag, so you guys can see what a ball I've been having (not!) here in sultry Singapore. 

The Mad Momma, Dipali, Gauri, and Kiran, have all invited me to join this virtual mommy globetrot  and the ticket is to tell you 5 things that I love about being a mom. Only 5? Easy peasy! Here goes:

1. I love that the simple things my children do can fill me with so much joy and enormous pride. A pink caterpillar drawn by a confident 3-year old hand that actually looks like a caterpillar. Tottering steps taken by still soft and tender 9-month old feet. An impromptu concert where the lead guitarist belts out Twinkle Twinkle at the top of her voice, and the drummer chews contemplatively on the drumstick.

2. I love that the simple things I do can be the cause of such happiness. A silly noise and a funny face is all it takes to get the boy to scream with laughter. An unexpected extra story at bedtime has the girl beaming fit to split, and earns me big, squeezy hugs. Never before has it been so easy to please, and, I suspect, never again.

3. I love that I get to be a kid again. (With the difference being that I can actually buy all the cool toys I want and not have to beg and whine and get turned down by evil parents.) The world is a much nicer place when viewed through my little ones' eyes.

4. I love that I am the centre of someone's universe. Ok, maybe not at 3 am, when nobody but Mama can hold and hug a wakeful little girl back to sleep. But most other times, it's a wonderful feeling.  

5. I love how I can sometimes see a shade of me or the husband or one of our parents in a sudden tilt of my daughter's head, a fleeting expression, or an oddly familiar gesture.  (The boy, at the moment, looks and acts like a badly behaved puppy, so I'm certainly not looking for any family resemblances there....)

And now the hard part - finding enough bloggers around the world who haven't already done this tag. I'm pretty sure they've all been tagged already, I'll just hope that they just haven't gotten round to it yet, and can add my tag to the pile :-)

Mummyjaan in Ireland
MayG in the UAE
Fuzzy in Canada
Orchid somewhere in the US


Spicy Mama said...

Feel free to tag me on, how many more do you have to go!

Gauri said...

Thanks for doing this, Mags :)

Orchid said...

smiling at number 5..and yes, have been tagged and no, havent done it yet- so thanks and will do in a couple of days!

Maggie said...

Spicy Mama: Consider yourself tagged!

Gauri: My pleasure, G

Orchid: Phew, goodie!

Sue said...

I'm so with you on #5, babe. The spookiest is when The Bhablet roars in anger now and then and sounds exactly like my grandfather in a tearing rage although my grandfather died in 1991 so Rahul could never have heard him! I've been heard to firmly tell him, "I wasn't scared of you in your last incarnation and I'm not scared of you now so you just better do as I say now!"

IBH said...

loved the 3rd..and I wanted to say just the is the pleasure of rekindling your childhood memories through your kids..that is the best feeling of being a motehr!

Sindhu said...

Tag me, tag me! Love this post, babe.

karmickids said...

With you on the glimpse of me. Its so fascinating isnt it, one moment they seem like the spouse, the next like oneself...its a guessing game with the brat...

Mama - Mia said...


loved the list! the smiles jsut kept getting bigger!



dipali said...

Good to read your take on this mommy business:)

Itchingtowrite said...


Subhashree said...

Lovely. Agree on all 5. It is so good to be the center of someone's universe, at least for sometime :)

Nat said...

Belated Happy Birthday to the big girl!
how we doing in singapore now?

mummyjaan said...

Hi, there, Maggie. I know you tagged me *last month* but it was such a nice tag I had to do it - even though rather 'late'. Cheers!

the world according to mom - mummyjaan's take

AMIT said...

Loved the title around the world in 80 clicks.

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