Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school

Dropping Moppet off at school on Monday morning, I felt that familiar knot of worry, sadness and pride in my stomach. That will-she-be-okay feeling all mashed up with the happy-sad my-baby's-such-a-big-girl feeling.

Why now, you ask, when she's been going to school for a whole year now, and loving it? Well, Monday was her first day in the 'upstairs class' - new teachers, a different classroom environment, and a new routine.

There's so much going on in her life right now, I was worried that she wouldn't take well to the change. I told her that she would have a new teacher, and that she'd go upstairs to a new class, and that all her friends would be with her. She just shook her head and said, 'Teacher T (her old teacher) will be there.' 'No she won't', I said, 'it will be a new teacher'. 'NO, NO, NO!' she yelled. 'Iss Teacher T will be there!'

I sighed and prepared myself for a tantrum at the school door. As usual, she surprised me.

She looked a little uncertain when told to go upstairs, standing with her arms wrapped tightly around my leg, so the teacher invited me to go on up with her and show her around her new digs. So up we went, and checked out the huge pretend kitchen area, the craft corner, the bookshelf, the computer, and the enormous dollhouse. That's finally when she perked up - at the dollhouse. 'Look mama, boy doing potty!'

It was true, there was a little wooden doll seated on a little wooden potty. 'Let's give him a bath. Wash your bum-bum.' Suddenly, I wasn't there anymore - all her attention was focussed on washing the doll's wooden butt. 'Bye baby' I said, giving her a squeeze and a kiss. 'You have fun. I'll see you at lunchtime, okay?'

'Bye!' She waved me away, not even looking up at me. So summarily dismissed, I headed back home, first indulging in a quiet little cry in the car. And it struck me that in this last year, while she's grown up so much, I haven't at all. I dealt with the whole thing in the same teary-eyed, sentimental way I did last year - and here she was, my 2 year old, taking it all in her stride.

The school gave us a bunch of pictures of her taken during the last year and I can literally see the tiny, baby-faced toddler turning into a confident, happy little girl.

It's funny how despite knowing what's coming, I'm so unprepared for the strength of the emotions that hit me on occasions like this. The wonder doesn't fade. No doubt I'll be just the same old snivelling mess at her college graduation too. I guess when it comes to their children, some moms never do grow up.


~nm said...

:) I felt so too when Anirudh's school reopened after summer break.

But I guess its us Mommies rather parents who are so much more apprehensive and nervous rather then them :)

They never cease to surprise us. Don't they? :)

Mona said...

aw, mags, you're right. some moms never grow up
glad to hear that moppet's doing so well. she's a regular little trooper, huh?

Mama - Mia said...

She is just so adorable!!

a confident little girl, indeed!! and a good cry over something happy is liberating! :D



Tharini said...

Lovely pictures Maggie. She's a doll as ever. You're right....mothers have a harder time growing up! And we're the biggest hypocrites in town! :)

Orchid said...

oh vow..i did a similar post today even as we are getting ready to say bye to the montessori and move on to public school....i know , it's harder on us moms and it will always be!

moppet is a beuatiful child, she is!

Mystic Margarita said...

You are so right, Maggie. Our kids grow up but we never do.

Sindhu said...

I imagined you go through the whole thing as I was reading.. I would be sobbing here myself had it not been for a loud whistle from the cooker :) It just made me think of how silly we thought our moms were for being "overly" emotional as we grew up.

TESSIE said...

"some moms never grow up.."
yeah!! i've got one at home... she was trying her best not to lemme see her tears the first day i went to college... even though she acts too cool abt me staying away from home, the day before i leave i hear this q "are u sure u'll be ok?" for abt a million times :)

i think she deserves a bravery award for letting me stay this far from home just for the sake of a job and a bigger award for maarying me off...(this cmnt will end up longer than the post if get into the details of that day) :)

oops!! that was ma mom's story... :D

so... wait for M'nM to grow up... keep those tissues by ur side maggie :-) and all the best :D

lotsa love to the mom of two,

TESSIE said...
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TESSIE said...

p.s: excuse the spelling errs... i was too eager to put that in and run for lunch :)

-sgwdgo- verified :D

DotThoughts said...

lovely lovely post. the pics are amazing. I love your line - The wonder doesn't fade- It never does.

choxbox said...

absolutely - the wonder never fades. lovely post.

dipali said...

Awwww Maggie. Such a lovely, sweet post. Happy new school year, Moppet.
Have fun.

Subhashree said...

Cute pictures. If you ask me, weaning kids is not a problem, weaning moms definitely is.

Random Vignettes said...

Awesome pics Mags..and I loved your last line..is it kinda funny that it already strikes a chord somewhere?

Sindhu said...

Sweetie! Where's the next post? I know.. I know.. 2 kids, you must be crazy busy. But I cannot wait for the next story about the kids.. :) Take care..

SUR NOTES said...

i can see it in her baby/toddler photos- she will surely grow into a happy confident girl!

little moppet- have a wonderful time in school.

and mommy, keep the tissues close by.i dont even ry and hide anymore that i am a sniffling mess.

Gauri said...

Yes Mags - we moms never ever grow up ! :) Its one of the attributes of motherhood, I guess :)

Moppet looks absolutely adorable :)

Squiggles Mom said...

You know, she has your smile :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Lovely post and you summed all the emotions so well and you couldn't have said it better.Those pics are lovely,she looks so happy! She must really love her school:)